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About the new global ad:

Most prominent ad - shows at the top of all of our homepages, job market, house listings, open houses, classifieds and message board.

Appears on all of our sites: Maplewood Online,,,,, and

For the last 4 weeks we've had 4 ads in rotation and they've received over 2 million banner ad impressions each.

We're currently selling this space at $1,000 per week. Last 4 weeks we had 4 advertisers in this space - so the cost was $250/wk with a 4 week committment.

On our next round which starts next week, we'll have 5 spaces at $200 per week, 4 week commmitment($800).

Free ad development is included as well. If you would like to supply an ad - the dimensions are 900 x 50 pixels.

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