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Iouri Tsarew
at the Maplewood Public Library
Saturday, August 7th at 8pm
General Admission: $10

Iouri Tsarew

Here is a mp3 of one of Iouri's songs:
Space Office
Do svidanja, mama

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About Iouri:
Iouri Tsarew's muscial style can only be categorized as "eclectic order". Eclectic in the sense, that his musical compositions range from ambient, dub, new age to jazz, art rock and miniature operas. Order in the sense that he and the musicians he works with are highly trained and experienced professionals. His ambient compositons are reminiscent of Eno and Vangelis, his jazz is a cross between Sinatra, Hancock, Steely Dan and Zappa, his art rock is reminisent of early talking heads, Tom Waits and Peter Gabriel, and his operatic are from radiohead to pere ubu. These influences are especially meaningful when considering that he has lived in Moscow, Russia for most of his life, and was able to hear many of these musicians contemporaneously with his colleagues in the west. His performances are usually soundtracks for documentary films that he has made of European cities, former-Soviet Union and the U.S.

Besides a composer and musician Iouri Tsarew is a highly trained graphic artist, computer artist, documentary film producer and music producer.

Tsarew began working with his father Yuri Valentinovich Tsarew as a graphic artist in several publishing houses of cinema and theatrical advertising in the 1970's and 80's Through his work with his father Tsarew learned the techniques of a master artist and Tsarew later finished his graphic arts education at the Strogonovsky Art Institute.

Tsarew continued his work in the arts, this time at Mosfilm film studios as the assistant Art director on the film "Peter the Great's Arab". In the 1980's, during the repressive Soviet era, Tsarew with other Moscow artists formed and participated in the avantguard theatre «POST», which had performed more than 25 Underground performances in Moscow.

Tsarew has released 9 independent musical albums in the independent collection market in Russia with his group "Metro". In 1985, he began vigorous activity at the Centre of Stas Namin (SNC) as an independent adviser on culture and cultural policy of SNC. In conjunction with his work at SNC, Tsarew worked on the production of several albums of the music group «CV" and was the independent producer of the music group «MORAL CODE x».

In 1997, Tsarew founded the US-Russia Endowment for Arts Culture and Technology (USREACT). In 1998 he signed with Alba records in Moscow and released the album "Chyest i Slava"- Honor and Glory.

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