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Help Wanted

Employment Wanted
A scammer has come to our attention recently - click here to find out more.

Remember - keep it local - talk to the person on the phone - and never email bank information.


This scam came to our attention recently - please be careful - do not provide too much via email - talk to the person on the phone, make sure they have a local number:

How are you doing today? I want you to run an urgent errand immediately you receive the check in the mail today. Payment for your services is included within the money. However, I would prefer to pay you upon satisfactory completion of the tasks. So I have decided to pay you half now and half at then end just so there are no discrepancies. Go ahead and cash the check at your bank, Deduct $100 (partial payment for your services for this week) and then go to the nearest MoneyGram to do a money transfer. Send $2000 to my supplier at this address:

Name of Receiver: Stacey Lam
Zipcode: 1200

The information I provided is sufficient for the transfer, you don't need a street address. Bring cash to MoneyGram and have it wired to my supplier as instructed. Email me the details of the transfer as soon as the money is sent. I will need the Reference number for the transfer to enable Stacey pick the money. Pay the transfer fee from the remaining money and keep the balance against next errand. When Stacey gets the money, She will ship the products to you Customized promotional items for my business). I will be sending you additional money on Saturday with detailed list of what to shop for. I will be sure to include your balance of $100. Sounds good?

Just so you know, I'll be returning home to see a cardiologist on the 30th of September so I want you to mail the items Stacey will send to you together with the items you will shop for to my PO BOX before I return. I'd like to meet you upon my return to discuss the possibility of making this position long term. How do you feel about meeting?

Please ensure the task is completed today.

Thank you
Paul Montez
My name is Maxwell Carter.I am an archaelogist and I need a nanny who would take care of my 4yr old daughter, Anna and my adpoted 2yr old son, John. You would also help out in buying groceries, okay. I'm on an expedition to Australia to recover an old ship and I'd be back home in 4 weeks. Let me know the days and hours you'd be available, okay. You would be paid $18/hr. I have a Honda Accord available for your use to ease any transportation problems you have and I live in Maplewood, NJ. Ooh, I almost forgot, Anna and John are here with me in Australia. Please, get back to me with your resume, cell number and contact address if you are interested. Have a nice day.


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