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Help Wanted
Babysitter (31)
Cleaning Services (3)
Elderly Care (5)
Nanny (38)
Office Work (16)
Other (21)

Employment Wanted
Babysitter (14)
Cleaning Services (35)
Elderly Care (16)
Nanny (57)
Office Work (1)
Other (21)
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Help Wanted Ads

Posted by Stuart
August 3rd at 03:41pm
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Quality Child Care providers Needed
Posted by Quality Care
August 3rd at 02:34pm
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Looking for Driving After School Sitter
Posted by Samantha
August 3rd at 02:32pm
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Part Time sitter wanted for autistic boy
Posted by Mitch
August 3rd at 01:27pm
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Before care and Aftercare sitter for infant - Montclair
Posted by Mtcmom
August 3rd at 07:03am
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Part-time driving babysitter needed in New Providence
Posted by Stacey
August 2nd at 10:46pm
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Posted by Janet
August 2nd at 08:32pm
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Supplemental Income - Dog Walker wanted!
Posted by Zue Grady
August 2nd at 07:07pm
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Afterschool help for 2 teens beginning September - must own car
Posted by Rachel Spaulding
August 2nd at 03:27pm
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P/t driving nanny needed in Maplewood area
Posted by Brian
August 2nd at 03:18pm
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College Student Sitters Needed $15+/hr Part Time
Posted by Seton Student Sitters
August 2nd at 03:06pm
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Posted by Nanny Helper
August 2nd at 01:30pm
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Experienced piano teacher wanted
Posted by Nee
August 2nd at 12:54pm
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Spanish/Filipino Nanny/Housekeeper needed to live-in
Posted by Angels Domestic
August 2nd at 10:55am
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Looking for Nanny
Posted by Archana
August 2nd at 09:45am
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Part-time Adminstrative - Accounting Support
Posted by Donna
July 31st at 03:57pm
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Polish nanny needed
Posted by Joanna
July 31st at 01:24pm
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FT DRIVING Nanny Housekeeper Needed 8/24 start
Posted by Jennifer
July 31st at 10:27am
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Seeking a Loving (Live-Out, Driving) Nanny!
Posted by Annie
July 31st at 07:57am
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Part-Time driving nanny
Posted by Tara
July 30th at 07:38pm
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Seeking College/Graduate Student for After School Care for Two Children
Posted by Erin
July 30th at 04:23pm
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Part-time driving sitter- 3 days a week- for 2 kids
Posted by Deidra Viney
July 30th at 11:00am
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Part time nanny in Cedar Grove / Verona area
Posted by Julia
July 30th at 07:38am
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Restaurant Service Staff
Posted by Tom Carlin
July 29th at 09:36pm
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Bilingual Head Pre-k/K Teacher
Posted by Jennifer Henry- HillPoint Preparatory
July 29th at 07:35pm
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Date Night Sitter Needed
Posted by Tamara Scharf
July 29th at 04:41pm
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FT nanny wanted - West Orange
Posted by Elisabeth Van Duyne
July 29th at 02:49pm
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**Private CHHA, CNA, or Companion Needed**
Posted by eCaregivers
July 29th at 01:51pm
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Full Time Nanny Wanted ASAP- West Orange
Posted by Andrea Haefner
July 29th at 09:39am
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Housekeeper who cares!
Posted by Amy
July 29th at 07:48am
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Pet Sitter
Posted by Gail
July 28th at 08:55pm
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Help Wanted - Babysitter week of 8/31 - 9/4
Posted by Ali Headley
July 28th at 08:53pm
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Occasional Elderly care wanted
Posted by Mimi
July 28th at 06:16pm
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Part-time Nanny in Bkly Heights for school year
Posted by Sandy
July 28th at 03:04pm
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Seeking College Babysitter for Afterschool Care of 8, 12, 14 year old
Posted by Bridget
July 28th at 02:40pm
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Part Time Babysitter needed in Summit
Posted by A jain
July 28th at 01:34pm
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Posted by Carole Zempel
July 28th at 01:17pm
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Daytime babysitter need for specific days in September and October 9am-3pm
Posted by Jennifer
July 28th at 01:14pm
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Seeking after school sitter for 2 boys in Maplewood - Starting August 31
Posted by Cheryl Barkin
July 28th at 11:22am
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In-Home Sales / Estimator / Sales Position in Water Restoration
Posted by Adriana Wilson
July 28th at 08:50am
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Plumber Needed
July 28th at 07:32am
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Posted by Lisa
July 27th at 09:33pm
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Afternoon & Evening Nanny/Family Helper Needed
Posted by Emilie
July 27th at 06:38pm
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Nanny Wanted Full-Time 2-3 Days per week in South Orange - starting ASAP
Posted by Alex Dubin
July 27th at 04:50pm
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House Assistant/After School Sitter - 20 hours per week
Posted by Lesley
July 27th at 04:01pm
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After school driving babysitter needed
Posted by Leigh Gourvitz
July 27th at 03:07pm
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Part-time Nanny for 5 month old - Mon, Wed, Thurs every wk
Posted by Marissa Frey
July 27th at 01:58pm
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Afterschool Driving Sitter Needed - West Orange
Posted by WO Mom
July 27th at 01:45pm
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part time nanny/housekeeper
Posted by beth
July 27th at 10:59am
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CHHA's Needed Hourly and Live-In DRIVE BONUS If Qualified
Posted by David Katz
July 27th at 10:52am
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Part-time nanny/helper needed in West Orange
Posted by Nan Myneni
July 27th at 10:30am
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Can you run a household? House manager position in SO. 30 hours.
Posted by Janna Cross
July 27th at 10:12am
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Real Estate Assistant
Posted by Roop Lokareddy
July 26th at 11:50pm
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Great Jobs with GREAT PAY & Nice Families!
Posted by Paige
July 26th at 12:35am
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Great Family Needs LIVE IN DRIVING Nanny
Posted by Tammy
July 26th at 12:28am
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Dry Cleaner Counter Help
Posted by David
July 25th at 10:38am
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Babysitter needed
Posted by celi
July 24th at 09:18pm
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Seeking a Sitter for the School Year
Posted by Jennifer Limsky
July 24th at 07:24pm
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Office Assistant
Posted by Jennifer Carlin
July 24th at 12:14pm
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Afternoon Sitter 16-20 hours / week in NEW PROVIDENCE
Posted by Missy
July 24th at 11:12am
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Seeking a FT, driving nanny in Short Hills/Millburn
Posted by Sheetal Prasad
July 24th at 10:59am
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Sales Reps Needed!
Posted by Drew Dix
July 24th at 10:52am
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Bookkeeper/Social Media Coordinator
Posted by Meghan Whitmer
July 24th at 10:18am
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Nannies and babyiters needed
Posted by Dare to care
July 24th at 08:43am
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Part Time Nanny Needed
Posted by Jami
July 24th at 12:10am
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PT Office Manager
Posted by Diana
July 23rd at 02:41pm
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P/T Driving Nanny Needed M-TH (12-6:30)
Posted by Rachel
July 23rd at 02:19pm
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Housekeeper/driver Livingston
Posted by Amanda Jones
July 23rd at 02:15pm
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Student Teacher/Teacher Assistant /FT & PT
Posted by Zina Phillips
July 23rd at 10:40am
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Seeking after school driving sitter M-F
Posted by Vikas Shah
July 23rd at 09:48am
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PT- Driving Nanny in Westfield
Posted by Leslie
July 22nd at 09:27pm
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Posted by Maryann Palmiotti
July 22nd at 07:57pm
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Accounting Manager / Sr Accountant - CPA
Posted by Simon Byrne
July 22nd at 04:57pm
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Driving Nanny required for pick up and drop off to and from school
Posted by Shweta Srivastava
July 22nd at 10:25am
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After school/camp babysitter needed
Posted by Allison Slater
July 22nd at 08:31am
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Occasional Driver Needed
Posted by Jill Macbeth
July 21st at 02:48pm
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NessaLee Baby Looking For Rockstar Team Members!
Posted by Alexa
July 21st at 11:51am
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Posted by Lynn Wariara
July 21st at 11:50am
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After School Driving Babysitter Needed
Posted by Mom
July 21st at 11:32am
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High Intensity Personal Trainer Wanted
Posted by Body by Struggle
July 21st at 07:22am
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Seeking after school driving nanny, M-F, 25 hrs/wk
Posted by D
July 21st at 06:04am
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Job Opportunities at "Abril Cocina" (Mexican Fusion)
Posted by Mario
July 20th at 10:57pm
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After-school Sitter in Springfield, NJ
Posted by Ilene Roth
July 20th at 08:58pm
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Part Time Sitter Needed in Maplewood, Must Drive - Great Job for College Student
Posted by Jodi Katz
July 20th at 08:52pm
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Looking for a Certified Personal Trainer.
Posted by Spa Lady South Orange
July 20th at 08:15pm
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Temple Secretary/Administrator, FT
Posted by Marc Colton
July 20th at 06:17pm
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Maplewood Deli & Grille Seeks Help
Posted by Tim Rich
July 20th at 03:23pm
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Looking for a full time, part time or after school nanny?
Posted by Paige B.
July 20th at 01:48pm
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Posted by Alex
July 20th at 10:29am
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Weekend nanny, one weekend per month. Driving and swimming.
Posted by Joanne
July 20th at 09:54am
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Administrative Assistant (P/T - 25 hrs)
Posted by Simon Byrne
July 20th at 07:11am
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Front Desk Sales Associate
Posted by Gymboree Play and Music of Chatham
July 19th at 07:13pm
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Gymboree Teacher - Fun Loving and Energetic!
Posted by Gymboree Play and Music of Chatham
July 19th at 07:00pm
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Baby citer
Posted by Maria Zazzarino
July 19th at 01:31pm
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FT driving nanny wanted - Maplewood
Posted by Jon and Lindsey Peters
July 19th at 12:10pm
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marketing freelancer
Posted by Niv
July 19th at 10:23am
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Cranford- Afternoon Home Helper (Childcare and Household)
Posted by Brian & Tuyen Teasdale
July 19th at 10:12am
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Driving After School Babysitter Needed for Two Great Children
Posted by Amy
July 18th at 03:41pm
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PT Driving Nanny Needed in West Orange, NJ
Posted by GB
July 17th at 11:50am
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Part Time Driving Nanny in Short Hills
Posted by Lisa Wiesenthal
July 17th at 06:37am
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Westfield Family looking for FT, driving nanny
Posted by Carrie
July 16th at 11:54pm
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Looking for FT nanny in Millburn
Posted by Rados Radoicic
July 16th at 09:49pm
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Part Time Front Desk Associate
Posted by KW MTD
July 16th at 01:12pm
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Posted by Ilana
July 16th at 12:37pm
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Growing NYC tech firm hiring multiple positions
Posted by Laurie Zlotnick
July 16th at 10:30am
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Looking for full-time, preferably live-in nanny/housekeeper. By referral only please!
Posted by Allison Hershkin
July 15th at 10:44pm
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Medical Receptionist In Millburn, NJ
Posted by Janine Taddeo
July 15th at 03:50pm
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looking for wait staff at local pub in Maplewood
Posted by Angie
July 15th at 02:55pm
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Maplewood Afternoon Sitter Needed for 2 Great Kids
Posted by Michele Hurley
July 15th at 12:51pm
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Part Time Life Agents
Posted by The Integrity Group
July 15th at 11:43am
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Live in Caregivers Wanted-Interviews on Aug 6th in Newark, NJ
Posted by Home to Stay
July 15th at 11:33am
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Looking for local Ecommerce expert
Posted by Levent Erhamza
July 15th at 10:59am
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2p-6 or 7p Driving Sitter Needed for my 2 Daughters
Posted by Jill
July 15th at 08:52am
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Basket Design, fruit prep, customer service; weekdays (summit nj
Posted by steven maffei
July 15th at 08:37am
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