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A scammer has come to our attention recently - click here to find out more.

Remember - keep it local - talk to the person on the phone - and never email bank information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long is my ad online? 20 days.

2) How much to post an ad?
$3.99 for 20 days. This comes out to 20 cents a day, plus it appears on up to 7 sites! Maplewood Online, South Orange,,,,, & Many people from throughout the Jersey area come to our site to find local nanny, babysitting and many other local job ads.

3) What is the process of posting an ad?
- Click on "Submit an ad", fill out the information form.
- Click submit at the bottom.
- Click on "Click here to submit payment" button - fill out form with credit card information. When you see the Success screen - you ad should be posted immediately.

4) Why isn't the email link working for me?
Most common reason is that you do not use a email program like Outlook. The link launches the default email program on your computer. We don't listed emails directly, because it's easier for spammer to pick up email addresses. If you mouseover the email links - you can view the email address in the lower left of your browser. The email should pop up near the link also.

5) How do I remove an ad?
You can use the same link which was sent to you to approve it. If you do not have this email you can click on "Edit My Ad" and enter the email address associated with the ad. This will send you a link to your current ad for this email address. You can't delete and start a new ad within the 20 day period. We do this to prevent people from posting, deleting and reposting on a daily basis.

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