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Help Wanted
Babysitter (39)
Cleaning Services (6)
Elderly Care (5)
Nanny (34)
Office Work (13)
Other (31)

Employment Wanted
Babysitter (29)
Cleaning Services (43)
Elderly Care (16)
Nanny (71)
Office Work (1)
Other (37)
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Employment Wanted Ads

Housekeep and Organize
Posted by Juliane Camacho
October 9th at 06:57pm
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College Application Essay Coach
Posted by A. Miller
October 9th at 10:55am
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Home Health Aid
Posted by Lavern
October 9th at 10:20am
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Posted by DINA
October 9th at 09:16am
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Two Portuguese Cleaning Women
Posted by Ana
October 9th at 09:15am
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Baby sitter/housekeeper
Posted by Cj
October 9th at 08:43am
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Certified Nurse Aide,Certified CPR/Driver/Nanny Looking For A Part-Time Job
Posted by tami
October 8th at 11:16pm
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Kind, Compassionate, Experienced, Full-Time Caregiver
Posted by Jill Sokol
October 8th at 09:57pm
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Amazing Nanny available in the mornings
Posted by Alicia Garfield
October 8th at 09:14pm
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SAT/ACT, Math, Science, Language Arts Tutor
Posted by Julia Jeffries
October 8th at 07:36pm
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Experienced Reliable Nanny/ Light Housekeeping Available
Posted by Adriana Amaral
October 8th at 03:17pm
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Reliable Babysitter
Posted by Elizabeth
October 8th at 02:27pm
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Posted by Lloyd Simpson
October 8th at 01:01pm
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Wonderful Nanny Available
Posted by Karen
October 8th at 12:37pm
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Professional House Cleaning - 20+ Years Experience W/ REFERENCE
Posted by Maria Santos
October 8th at 12:26pm
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Part Time Babysitter or Companion in Montclair
Posted by Kaitlyn
October 8th at 12:22pm
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Experience Nanny Available
Posted by Annette
October 8th at 11:40am
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Posted by Sue
October 8th at 10:43am
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nanny/housekeeper available
Posted by Nonjabulo Makhaye
October 8th at 09:24am
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Amazing Nanny looking for work on Thursdays, Fridays, and Weekend Evening
Posted by Elyse
October 7th at 10:01pm
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HOUSE CLEANING 973 776 2481
Posted by IRMA
October 7th at 09:29pm
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Wonderful, hardworking nanny available for a full-time position
Posted by Erin
October 7th at 09:10pm
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Pediatrics & Elderly Care For Your Loved Ones
Posted by Marcia
October 7th at 07:56pm
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Need help driving the kids around or rides in general
Posted by Felix Quist
October 7th at 03:48pm
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Polish Eco cleaning lady. Excellent recomendations, affordable prices, long time experience
Posted by Aneta
October 7th at 12:44pm
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Wonderful, flexible, experienced driving nanny/babysitter available
Posted by Alison
October 7th at 11:54am
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We have NANNIES for hire!!
Posted by lynn wariara
October 7th at 11:11am
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Posted by Donette Brown
October 7th at 11:00am
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Posted by Rona
October 7th at 10:50am
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Handyman Services
Posted by Jerome
October 7th at 10:15am
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part-time nanny/housekeeper
Posted by ana
October 7th at 09:31am
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Experienced Tutor in Math, Physics, Computer Science, and ACT/SAT Prep
Posted by Stephen Wiener
October 6th at 09:24pm
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maria's cleaning
Posted by maria
October 6th at 09:00pm
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Montessori Teacher Searching for Nanny Position
Posted by Suzy
October 6th at 08:33pm
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Posted by B.F
October 6th at 04:51pm
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Baby Nurse
Posted by M. Mauverly
October 6th at 04:21pm
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Professional and Reliable Cleaning Services
Posted by Bella
October 6th at 02:25pm
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Wonderful Fabulous Reliable Nanny Available
Posted by Jill Misner
October 6th at 02:07pm
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Mature, Reliable, Nanny Available
Posted by Holland Grumieaux
October 6th at 01:59pm
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Driving Nanny!
Posted by Mabel valdez
October 6th at 12:50pm
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Nanny/ early childhood teacher.
Posted by Carol
October 6th at 12:43pm
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(No Fees) 24/7 Hire a Driving Caregiver (732)-328-9185
Posted by Odessa
October 6th at 12:22pm
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Local College Student Sitters Available for Fall
Posted by Seton Student Sitters
October 6th at 11:08am
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College Student Sitters Available
Posted by Seton Student Sitters
October 6th at 11:08am
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Part time nanny needed Harding Township (near Morristown)
Posted by Diana
October 6th at 10:52am
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Dependable Twins
Posted by Dependable Twins
October 6th at 08:07am
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Posted by Dianne
October 5th at 10:39pm
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S & A Cleaning Services
Posted by Shonda Williams
October 5th at 10:15pm
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Posted by Thays
October 5th at 07:40pm
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Loving Babysitter Available
Posted by Angela C
October 5th at 06:55pm
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Posted by Racquel miller
October 5th at 05:23pm
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Flexible hours for Mom Drivers
Posted by Jess
October 5th at 04:13pm
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Posted by Dare to Care
October 5th at 02:34pm
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Posted by Feona Chin
October 5th at 02:21pm
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Driving Babysitter/Housekeeper wanted asap
Posted by NEETA
October 5th at 11:13am
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Our Wonderful Nanny is Available!!!
Posted by Hanah Hilton
October 5th at 10:23am
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***MC Cleaning Services***
Posted by Monica Camino
October 5th at 08:57am
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Prep your HS student for the Nov 7 & Dec 5 SATs with our half-day class!
Posted by Bright Choice NJ Academic Services
October 5th at 08:36am
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Posted by Nichole
October 5th at 08:19am
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9AM -2PM driving Sitter
Posted by Becca C.
October 5th at 07:03am
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Posted by ANNA
October 4th at 11:09pm
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Fantastic nanny available AM or for shared PM
Posted by Christel
October 4th at 10:49pm
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Housekeeper and Organize
Posted by Izali Camacho
October 4th at 08:39pm
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Posted by Keitchea Martin
October 4th at 08:26pm
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Home Remodeling
Posted by Greenline Remodeling, LLC
October 4th at 12:31pm
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Friday nanny available!!
Posted by Cristina
October 4th at 12:07pm
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Posted by Marcia
October 4th at 11:19am
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Cleaning Services
Posted by Gloria Paucar
October 4th at 09:19am
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Weekend nanny or housekeeper
Posted by Dixie ann
October 3rd at 10:30pm
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Posted by Sophia Frederick
October 3rd at 10:23pm
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Wonderful Au Pair available
Posted by Mary Engelbrechtsen
October 3rd at 01:06pm
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Available Mornings
Posted by Indra Ramsammy
October 3rd at 09:36am
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elderly care/housecleaning
Posted by Margaret
October 2nd at 05:38pm
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nianny/housekeeper/elderly care
Posted by Danuta
October 2nd at 05:20pm
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Part time or full time babysitter
Posted by Marcela
October 2nd at 11:16am
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Overnight Elderly Care / Companion
Posted by Tressy Seabrookes
October 2nd at 08:07am
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Wonderful Friday night/weekend babysitter available
Posted by Elizabeth
October 1st at 11:53pm
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MerlyCleaning services
Posted by Merly Hernandez
October 1st at 10:35pm
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Posted by Nattille Toussaint
October 1st at 04:55pm
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Cosmetology Advanced Training
Posted by Carolyn Davis
October 1st at 03:48pm
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Hire Our Nanny/Housekeeper
Posted by Orlina
October 1st at 03:25pm
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After School Driver needed, CHS
Posted by Kate
October 1st at 02:27pm
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CLEAN HOMES cleaning service - Prices start at $50.00
Posted by Paula
October 1st at 11:29am
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Posted by Jason
October 1st at 08:19am
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Complete Lawn Maintenance & Landscape Design
Posted by Mathias Gomez
October 1st at 01:20am
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Personal Assistant/Home Health Aide
Posted by Susan
September 30th at 09:59pm
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My Amazing Nanny Is Available
Posted by janice byron
September 30th at 09:45pm
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Masonry general Construction , tile ,paint, decks, and much more
Posted by Joe Pimenta
September 30th at 05:35pm
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Employmented needed/Baby Sitter//Nanny
Posted by Iris Johnson
September 30th at 05:07pm
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Our Great Nanny is Available
Posted by Anni
September 30th at 04:33pm
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Baby Sitter - 25hr
Posted by Kurt Muldoon
September 30th at 03:43pm
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Our reliable FULL-TIME DRIVING NANNY is Available
Posted by Rob & Lew
September 30th at 02:43pm
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looking for weekend position
Posted by Adassa robinson
September 30th at 01:29pm
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Posted by BARBARA
September 30th at 11:47am
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Lawn maintenance and landscaping services - aeration/ seeding
Posted by hugo palacio
September 30th at 09:58am
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elderly care
Posted by Maja McCormack
September 29th at 11:09pm
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Posted by Jasynth L
September 29th at 05:50pm
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Exceptional House Cleaner
Posted by Bia
September 29th at 05:44pm
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Wonderful Nanny Available from 9-2
Posted by Alison Cohen
September 29th at 05:06pm
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Experienced Nanny/Personal Assistant Available for Live Out Position
Posted by Cristina
September 29th at 02:02pm
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Cleaning Services
Posted by Ivana
September 29th at 01:33pm
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Posted by Roseli araujo
September 29th at 12:18pm
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Posted by Veronica
September 29th at 12:06pm
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Orator Academy- Communicate with Confidence!
Posted by Vineeta Khanna \"Vicky\"
September 29th at 11:44am
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House cleaning Tues and Weds
Posted by Marcela
September 29th at 11:29am
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My wonderful Nanny/babysitter needs a new job
Posted by Carolyn Smith
September 29th at 11:13am
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Posted by Tomas P.
September 29th at 10:21am
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////Perfect Cleaning/////862-754-9211
Posted by Fernanda
September 29th at 09:57am
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Posted by Ingrid
September 29th at 07:19am
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Elementary School Tutor/Sitter/Driver
Posted by Dawn
September 28th at 08:59pm
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Loving and loyal nanny available
Posted by Tashana
September 28th at 07:32pm
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cna/ and chha
Posted by Christine Russell
September 28th at 05:40pm
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Professional And Reliable Cleaning Services
Posted by Robert A.
September 28th at 03:34pm
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Need a babysitter?
Posted by Annieca
September 28th at 12:03pm
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Divorce Attorney
Posted by Susan C. Brennan
September 28th at 11:12am
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Nanny/babysitter/ baby nurse.
Posted by Janet sandy
September 28th at 10:39am
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Posted by Nely
September 28th at 10:35am
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Experience Reliable Caregiver For Sick/Elderly
Posted by Lesia Davis
September 28th at 07:41am
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Math Tutor by Skype or in person
Posted by C.J.
September 27th at 09:55pm
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$100 per hour for college counseling
Posted by Ceceilia Berkowitz
September 27th at 09:49pm
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French teacher and tutor seeking more tutoring jobs
Posted by Mr. Amirat
September 27th at 09:43pm
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helena house clening
Posted by maria helena
September 27th at 05:08pm
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Nanny available
September 27th at 05:04pm
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House cleaning
Posted by virginia
September 27th at 05:03pm
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German Mary Poppins available :)
Posted by kathrin
September 27th at 04:58pm
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Posted by Laura
September 27th at 03:09pm
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Nanny/ light Housekeeping
Posted by Dawn
September 27th at 01:43pm
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Need help driving the kids around or rides in general?
Posted by Felix Quist
September 27th at 12:21pm
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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Lady. Excellent recomendations, affordable prices, long time experience
Posted by Aneta
September 27th at 09:37am
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Experience Nanny Available
Posted by Annette
September 26th at 11:31pm
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Our Wonderful, caring nanny/babysitter need a new Job
Posted by Tamieka Murphy
September 26th at 07:25pm
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Looking for PT nanny 9-3pm M-F Summit, nj
Posted by Kristine
September 26th at 04:49pm
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(NOFEES)732-328-9185 Hire All Your Nanny/HSKP/BabyNurse /Elderly HERE
Posted by Odessa
September 26th at 01:52pm
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After School/Nanny
Posted by J
September 26th at 12:54pm
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Too Busy to Cook? Hate to cook?
Posted by Darline\'s Catering
September 26th at 06:39am
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nanny end babysitter
Posted by maria brito
September 25th at 09:29pm
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Experienced Full-Time Dog Walker/Sitter
Posted by Daniel Weinberger
September 25th at 07:28pm
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The Traveling Tutor
Posted by R. Hawkins
September 25th at 04:47pm
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Sunday sitter / housekeeper available
Posted by Kirsten Arcella
September 25th at 01:32pm
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Housekeeping/Elder Care
Posted by Kirsten Arcella
September 25th at 12:58pm
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****Wendy and Judith's Cleaning Services****
Posted by Wendy
September 25th at 10:35am
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My amazing full-time driving nanny of 6 years is available in Summit! (f/t or semi f/t)
Posted by Lori Rosen
September 25th at 09:18am
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Nanny Referral, Nanny and Aupair training and New baby nesting
Posted by Michelle Love
September 25th at 08:33am
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*** SUPER HOUSE CLEANING*** - no laziness - 973 985 0148
Posted by Flavia Renato
September 25th at 07:26am
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Posted by David Myers
September 24th at 10:39pm
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Caring, Reliable and Experienced Caregiver
Posted by Gee
September 24th at 08:50pm
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Professional and Reliable Cleaning Services 973 393 8050
Posted by Bella or Robert
September 24th at 03:39pm
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Cleaning Services
Posted by Arlene Almeida
September 24th at 02:25pm
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Personal Assistant Available- Servicing Westfield and Local Areas
Posted by Robin Levan
September 24th at 01:51pm
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Marketing Assistance (Social Media, Photo Retouching & Resume Revamping)
Posted by Robert Peterpaul Productions
September 24th at 11:13am
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My Amazing Live Out Nanny Available
Posted by Jennie
September 24th at 11:08am
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///////PERFECT CLEANING//////////
Posted by Fernanda
September 24th at 09:44am
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Live-in BABY NURSE/ NANNY asap non drver
Posted by Gentle Nanny
September 23rd at 09:38pm
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Nanny/light housekeeping
Posted by Rosario Volcy
September 23rd at 09:02pm
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** Experienced, kind, driving nanny available ASAP **
Posted by Abigail Speltz
September 23rd at 08:10pm
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Posted by Eric Waeschle
September 23rd at 08:04pm
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Occasional/Date Night Babysitter
Posted by Miss Foster
September 23rd at 07:04pm
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Experienced Childcare Provider
Posted by GE
September 23rd at 06:48pm
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NJ Certified Teacher: Available weekends, holidays and evenings
Posted by Denise
September 23rd at 04:18pm
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Cleaning Position in Maplewood Salon
Posted by Janine
September 23rd at 03:30pm
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Posted by Teresa
September 23rd at 12:31pm
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Posted by Nadia
September 23rd at 11:23am
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Posted by LILIANA
September 23rd at 10:12am
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🇻🇪🇷🇾 🇵🇷🇴🇫🇪🇸🇸 🇴🇳🇦🇱 infant/ toddler nanny
Posted by anna
September 23rd at 01:26am
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10 yrs Experience nanny seeking Full/Part time position
Posted by Marcilyn Alleyne
September 23rd at 12:44am
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EXPERIENCED - Realiable - Creative and FUN caregiver available !
Posted by Casey Ann
September 22nd at 09:55pm
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Posted by Rosi
September 22nd at 08:22pm
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Fun Exciting Nanny Available
Posted by Netnet
September 22nd at 03:49pm
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Experienced Nanny seeking a fulltime position
Posted by Junette
September 22nd at 03:23pm
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House cleaner
Posted by Lisseth
September 22nd at 12:09pm
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loving and reliable babysitter available
Posted by talie rambarran
September 22nd at 11:23am
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*~*~* Experienced Caregiver Available ASAP *~*~*
Posted by Rachel
September 22nd at 10:27am
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Fantastic FT Driving Nanny available
Posted by Margaret Hunt
September 22nd at 09:44am
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Part Time Nanny Needed for 7 Month old Daughter
Posted by Lindsay O\'Donnell
September 22nd at 09:27am
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////PERFECT CLEANING////862-754-9211
Posted by fernanda
September 22nd at 08:11am
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SUPER NANNY & HSKPR. AVAIL. # : 973-472-5794
Posted by Martha
September 22nd at 01:13am
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Counseling Services Offered
Posted by Shobha Ayyappan
September 21st at 08:38pm
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Caregiver monday-Friday Evenings/earlym
Posted by Wilma Davis
September 21st at 08:01pm
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experience nanny
Posted by sheika
September 21st at 06:56pm
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Posted by James Sears
September 21st at 06:28pm
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Certified Teacher/ LDT-C Available for Tutoring
Posted by Monica Mejia
September 21st at 03:00pm
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Part time - Nanny (millburn)
Posted by Rani Hirji
September 21st at 02:33pm
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Fun, Loving Nanny available
Posted by Charmaine
September 21st at 01:22pm
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Reliable and Wonderful Nanny available
Posted by Neural Dsouza
September 21st at 12:56pm
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Local Nanny available mornings....
Posted by Cass
September 21st at 12:06pm
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Nanny/ Babysitter/ Mother's Helper
Posted by Fran
September 21st at 10:05am
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Our INCREDIBLE nanny is available now
Posted by Brian
September 21st at 08:03am
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Do you need elder care?
Posted by Michelle evans
September 21st at 06:25am
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Former Pre-school Teacher
Posted by Lisa
September 21st at 01:48am
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Posted by Liane Ferreira
September 20th at 11:32pm
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September 20th at 09:43pm
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Dante Home Services
Posted by Andrew Dante
September 20th at 08:49pm
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Wonderful Baby Nurse
Posted by Moya
September 20th at 07:58pm
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My loving Nanny is Available ASAP
Posted by Kimberley
September 20th at 07:26pm
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Nanny, Babysitter
Posted by Albertina Martin
September 20th at 04:02pm
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Posted by Maria
September 20th at 03:19pm
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Loving Attentive Fun Nanny
Posted by NeemsLeems ( the kids call me that lol )
September 20th at 01:12pm
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