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Help Wanted
Babysitter (23)
Cleaning Services (8)
Elderly Care (4)
Nanny (35)
Office Work (3)
Other (28)

Employment Wanted
Babysitter (19)
Cleaning Services (45)
Elderly Care (12)
Nanny (47)
Office Work (5)
Other (30)
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Remember - keep it local - talk to the person on the phone - and never email bank information.

Employment Wanted Ads

Our nanny for the past 7 years is available
Posted by Noeline
March 3rd at 10:31pm
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Posted by NP
March 3rd at 07:16pm
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Looking for employment
Posted by Estelle
March 3rd at 07:09pm
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Experienced driving nanny available
Posted by Nadine Charles
March 3rd at 04:13pm
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Excellent Nanny Available
Posted by Claire Victory
March 3rd at 04:10pm
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Exceptional House Cleaner
Posted by Bia
March 3rd at 12:30pm
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Companion/Home Health Aide
Posted by Susan
March 3rd at 11:45am
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Driving & Reliable Nanny
Posted by JJ
March 3rd at 09:37am
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Weekend Nanny/Housekeeper
Posted by RS
March 3rd at 08:56am
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Fabulous Cleaning!!! 862-4382816
Posted by Fabiola
March 3rd at 08:46am
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full or part time nanny/babysitter 👫
Posted by claudia moe
March 2nd at 10:23pm
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Posted by francisco
March 2nd at 09:25pm
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Experienced babysitter seeking work
Posted by Rhea Seetram
March 2nd at 08:25pm
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employment wanted
Posted by Michelle Jackman
March 2nd at 08:16pm
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Professional Organizing - Residential and Commercial
Posted by Regina Hartman
March 2nd at 05:10pm
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house cleaning
Posted by Aline Costa
March 2nd at 03:40pm
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Professional and Reliable Cleaning Services
Posted by Robert A
March 2nd at 02:26pm
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Posted by Nichole
March 2nd at 10:59am
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//////PERFECT CLEANING////////
Posted by Fernanda
March 2nd at 08:27am
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HELP IS HERE ( Nanny/Baby sitter)
Posted by Pat
March 1st at 09:40pm
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Snow Shoveler
Posted by Kai G.
March 1st at 06:01pm
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Administrative Assistant seeking a position in Northern NJ
Posted by Meg Marlowe
March 1st at 03:09pm
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Posted by Housecleaner
March 1st at 12:27pm
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Posted by Basilio Landscaping
March 1st at 12:24pm
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Available Reliable Nanny
Posted by Rosemary Jones
March 1st at 10:29am
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Elderley Care
Posted by Evet
February 28th at 10:29pm
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Posted by E Bandel
February 28th at 05:39pm
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Amazing Experienced House Cleaning 862-902-7943
Posted by Ana Paula Trindade
February 28th at 01:11pm
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Posted by Laura
February 27th at 11:33pm
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Personal Trainer available
Posted by Mac Barthelemy
February 27th at 06:22pm
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Our Fantastic Nanny Available
Posted by Carolyn
February 27th at 05:31pm
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Our house cleaner is available
Posted by Carolyn
February 27th at 05:26pm
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Nanny Referral, Nanny and Aupair training and New baby nesting
Posted by Michelle Love
February 27th at 03:54pm
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Full Time Nanny
Posted by SP
February 27th at 02:18pm
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Companion Care Giver
Posted by Marcia Duncan
February 27th at 11:59am
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Live-In/Out Mature Nanny Available
Posted by Phyllis Mercury
February 27th at 10:35am
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Our Wonderful Nanny is Available - 3 days a week
Posted by Maggie
February 27th at 07:42am
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SUPER NANNY & HSKPR. AVAIL. # : 973-472-5794
Posted by Martha
February 27th at 03:38am
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Great nanny available
Posted by kim woodard
February 26th at 10:09pm
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Full Time Nanny available starting in April
Posted by Jaclyn
February 26th at 08:51pm
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Cleaning Lady and/or Babysitter
Posted by Helena
February 26th at 03:54pm
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Weekend house cleaning
Posted by Ana
February 26th at 02:40pm
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cleaning lady (house, office)
Posted by Carla
February 26th at 02:31pm
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Handyman and Carpenter
Posted by Thomas Wehrle
February 26th at 12:51pm
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Elderly Care / Caregiver
Posted by Carmen Allison
February 26th at 12:49pm
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Our reliable baby sitter is available
Posted by Amnisha
February 26th at 12:18pm
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House Manager/Personal Assistant Seeking Live in Position
Posted by Dana
February 26th at 11:12am
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Babysitter available monday,friday and weekends!
Posted by Lucy
February 26th at 09:45am
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Rosa's Home and Office Cleanings 862-755-1560
Posted by Rosa Sears
February 26th at 07:45am
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Housekeeper Wanted 2x/Wk in Morristown - Hourly Rate
Posted by J Kim
February 26th at 07:29am
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//////PERFECT CLEANING////////
Posted by Nanda
February 26th at 06:57am
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Rosa' Housekeeping!!! Deep Cleaning and Londry.
Posted by Rose E.
February 26th at 06:46am
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Posted by alline martins
February 26th at 06:37am
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Part time Babysitter/worker at a restaurant/bakery
Posted by Jessica
February 25th at 09:14pm
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Our Long-term, Dedicated, Driving Nanny Available in March
Posted by Kathleen Walsh
February 25th at 09:01pm
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Posted by Natasha
February 25th at 08:25pm
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PAINTING- Licensed Painting, Powerwashing, and Home Repairs
Posted by Shem-Tov Painting Service
February 25th at 07:05pm
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Our Wonderful Nanny
Posted by Rebecca Verma
February 25th at 06:13pm
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Housekeeper available
Posted by Veronica
February 25th at 03:35pm
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Weekend position wanted
Posted by Keesha
February 25th at 02:28pm
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Posted by omolara
February 25th at 10:54am
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Posted by Iesha
February 25th at 03:41am
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Handyman & Home Improvements
Posted by Paul Lenton
February 25th at 03:08am
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Posted by Joy Thomas
February 24th at 10:26pm
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Wendy & Judith House Cleaning.
Posted by Wendy
February 24th at 06:50pm
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Baby Sitter
Posted by Betty Barco
February 24th at 05:36pm
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Reliable, net, tidy cleaning woman Available!!! Call (973) 814 06 01
Posted by Camla
February 24th at 02:22pm
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Posted by Delonie Barthelemy
February 24th at 01:20pm
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Handyman Services-No job is too Small
Posted by Noel Lopes
February 24th at 12:58pm
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Caregiver to the elderly
Posted by Claudia
February 24th at 11:32am
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Avon Independent Rep
Posted by Arlene Sammy
February 24th at 10:25am
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Seeking a living or live-out Elderly Care.
Posted by Vinnette
February 24th at 10:02am
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non driving Nanny
Posted by Gugu
February 24th at 12:43am
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Two cleaning people available for residential, office cleaning or small Business
Posted by Ana
February 23rd at 09:13pm
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CNA Available for Elderly Care/Nanny
Posted by Egladie Alexis
February 23rd at 07:57pm
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Posted by Eric Waeschle
February 23rd at 05:47pm
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Posted by Marilene Mangeries
February 23rd at 05:14pm
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Housekeeping / Elderly Care
Posted by Maria Valadares
February 23rd at 04:59pm
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Posted by Rosmelia Marca
February 23rd at 04:28pm
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our wonderful nanny is available
Posted by Jackie
February 23rd at 11:00am
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Experienced babysitter seeking employment!
Posted by Regina Ore
February 23rd at 10:53am
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Go from STRESS to SUCCESS with NJ TOP TUTOR - Math Specialist
Posted by Joanne
February 23rd at 10:47am
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Professional Nanny
February 23rd at 10:24am
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Posted by RAMONA
February 23rd at 09:23am
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////PERFECT CLEANING////862-754-9211
Posted by fernanda
February 23rd at 08:29am
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FT/PT Looking for a lovely family who needs an excellent babysitter.
Posted by Laura C.
February 22nd at 11:56pm
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Masonry general Construction , tile ,paint, decks, and much more
Posted by Joe Pimenta
February 22nd at 10:26pm
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weekend babysitter/nanny
Posted by joycelyn christian
February 22nd at 07:34pm
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Posted by Matilde Mendez
February 22nd at 02:28pm
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CLEANING HOUSE BY MARCIA ***973.391.4351***
February 22nd at 11:34am
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Posted by maurene linden
February 21st at 11:02pm
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Roofing and Siding
Posted by Julio Pauta
February 21st at 09:10pm
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Nanny Available
Posted by Ollie Donaldson
February 21st at 02:35pm
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live out baby sister or house keeping
Posted by Anna
February 21st at 02:33pm
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Brazilian housecleaner
Posted by Fernanda
February 21st at 11:13am
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Live-Out Nanny for Toddler in Livingston, NJ
Posted by Mindy Fox
February 21st at 08:45am
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Posted by Piettra
February 21st at 06:55am
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Awesome Baby Nurse
Posted by Jaimie
February 20th at 10:14pm
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Professional Experienced Housekeeper Available
Posted by Odalis Gomes
February 20th at 05:19pm
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Experienced Nanny Looking for Full-time Work
Posted by Isabel Cristina
February 20th at 04:13pm
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Experienced Housekeeper Looking for Work
Posted by Isabel Cristina
February 20th at 03:38pm
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Our nanny/housekeeper is available
Posted by NJ Mom of 2+1
February 20th at 09:28am
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College Student Sitters Available
Posted by Maura
February 20th at 06:31am
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Posted by ANNA
February 20th at 01:51am
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Brazilian Cleaning Services
Posted by ana paula
February 19th at 09:55pm
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Handyman & Home Improvement
Posted by Cristian Valerio
February 19th at 08:23pm
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Synagogue Secretary/ Admin Asst in Union/Essex County
Posted by NJ Non Profit
February 19th at 07:14pm
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Office Manager / Sales Support
Posted by Todd Sherman
February 19th at 11:54am
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Classic painting Interior/Exterior/ painted rooms start at $55.00
Posted by Donald
February 19th at 12:43am
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Posted by Pamela
February 18th at 10:10pm
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Posted by patsy
February 18th at 06:56pm
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College Student-Education Major Seeking Babysitting Job
Posted by Michelle Fernandez
February 18th at 03:11pm
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Looking for Elderly Care job.
Posted by Sharon
February 18th at 11:47am
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Consistency and stability is important
Posted by Maveline
February 17th at 10:58pm
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Posted by Kamika
February 17th at 09:19pm
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Home Health Aid / Elderly Care
Posted by Mrs. Jean Inniss
February 17th at 05:54pm
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Baby sitter needed Monday - Friday
Posted by Allana
February 17th at 02:29pm
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* Our Driving Nanny Available *
Posted by Alison
February 17th at 01:00pm
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Looking for a great nanny asap? My nanny is available
Posted by Mona
February 17th at 11:59am
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Nanny position
Posted by Marie Louis
February 17th at 11:32am
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Kids Transportation
Posted by Tamera Dattoo
February 17th at 09:21am
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Reliable, experienced Nanny
Posted by lindy
February 17th at 08:36am
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////PERFECT CLEANING///862-754-9211
Posted by Fernanda
February 17th at 06:12am
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Portuguese Cleaning Lady
Posted by Crristina
February 16th at 07:52pm
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Driving Nanny Wanted
Posted by Annaliese
February 16th at 07:37pm
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Avaliable Seamstress Tailor
Posted by Leonor
February 16th at 07:01pm
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Posted by Barbara
February 16th at 05:21pm
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available housekeeper/nanny
Posted by nonjabulo
February 16th at 03:42pm
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Not just a Cleaning lady !!
Posted by Leslie de souza
February 16th at 02:26pm
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Red Cross-Certified Babysitter for Friday Evenings, Weekends, School Breaks and Summer
Posted by Noelle M
February 16th at 10:50am
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College Sitter/Nanny
Posted by LaToya C
February 16th at 03:00am
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Multi Skilled young professional seeking work
Posted by Kate
February 16th at 12:13am
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Graduate Degree in Early Childhood education and special education nanny seeking a new position!
Posted by Kate
February 15th at 11:31pm
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Patient Weekend Nanny
Posted by Amber
February 15th at 08:19pm
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house cleaning office cleaning
Posted by marcia or Andreia
February 15th at 03:51pm
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Experienced Baby Nurse & Nanny With Amazing Rates :).
Posted by BabyNurse
February 15th at 01:29pm
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Driving babysitter
Posted by Arlene
February 15th at 12:50am
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Experienced Full-Time Dog Walker/Sitter
Posted by Daniel Weinberger
February 14th at 06:32pm
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Posted by DINA
February 14th at 05:04pm
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Posted by BARBARA
February 14th at 11:25am
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The neighborhood hardworking Cleaning Lady !! Call !! (973) 814 0601
Posted by Camila
February 14th at 10:35am
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HOUSE CLEANING 973 776 24 81
Posted by IRMA
February 14th at 08:33am
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Posted by Eric Waeschle
February 13th at 03:29pm
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Caring nanny
Posted by Tara McCloskey
February 13th at 03:28pm
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fantastic nanny seeking jobs
Posted by Jenelle
February 13th at 03:17pm
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Paralegal/Office Manager
Posted by preillyandassoc
February 13th at 02:35pm
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Elderly Care
Posted by caregiver
February 13th at 12:23pm
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Math Tutor, Test Prep, and College Advising ***Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 inc. Advance Honors*
Posted by Bright Choice NJ
February 13th at 11:13am
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nanny available
Posted by Nanny
February 13th at 08:39am
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Babysitting,Elderly care or housekeeping.
Posted by Yohance
February 12th at 08:55pm
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HOUSE CLEANING 973 776 2481
February 12th at 08:26pm
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employment wanted
Posted by yolande morris
February 12th at 04:53pm
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Posted by Roxana zuniga
February 12th at 04:13pm
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Posted by Gallart
February 12th at 02:45pm
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Overwhelmed by Laundry and Housework?
Posted by Marian Raab
February 12th at 02:06pm
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Luz cleaning service
Posted by Katia
February 12th at 02:01pm
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*Lynn's Cleaning Service LLC*
Posted by Marrilyn
February 12th at 10:44am
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We keep your house clean and fresh, just call or email us
Posted by Katia Barbiere
February 12th at 12:10am
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