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Help Wanted
Babysitter (57)
Cleaning Services (3)
Elderly Care (5)
Nanny (45)
Office Work (12)
Other (24)

Employment Wanted
Babysitter (20)
Cleaning Services (31)
Elderly Care (9)
Nanny (81)
Office Work (4)
Other (22)
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Employment Wanted Ads

After School Driving Sitter
Posted by Megan
August 27th at 11:37am
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Full Time Nanny Available Starting ASAP
Posted by Miss V
August 26th at 03:27am
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Elderly care
Posted by Maggie Mulenga
August 25th at 11:38pm
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HELPING MY NANNY - Available weekdays until 2PM and weekeneds
Posted by Matias
August 25th at 11:02am
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Posted by summit mom
August 25th at 10:53am
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Babysitter/Nanny Share
Posted by Cinthia Machin
August 25th at 10:14am
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Part time driving sitter needed after school
Posted by Cory
August 25th at 07:10am
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Posted by Lauren
August 25th at 05:38am
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Need Live In Childcare
Posted by Gregory Spreeman
August 24th at 11:10pm
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Morning (M-F)/weekend nanny
Posted by RS
August 24th at 10:05pm
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Nanny available full-time
Posted by Mia parker
August 24th at 07:06pm
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(No Fees) (347)-938-5426 Hire Driving Nannies/Hsk/ElderlyBabynurses Here !
Posted by Odessa
August 24th at 06:21pm
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Great Nanny Available Immediately!
Posted by Alice
August 24th at 03:22pm
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Highly Recommended Full Time Nanny Available
Posted by Anna Ostrovsky
August 24th at 02:26pm
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Posted by Mature Adult
August 24th at 01:49pm
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Writing Tutor
Posted by Rebecca Wener
August 24th at 01:01pm
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Twin expert newborn care specialist/ baby nurse available
Posted by Arlene Maynard
August 24th at 11:40am
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Seeking (extremely) short term work
Posted by Alyce Nazario
August 24th at 11:20am
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Laundry, Store Clothes, and Organizing Closets
Posted by Marlene Alves
August 24th at 10:25am
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House clean
Posted by Gilceia Leukhardt
August 24th at 10:08am
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
August 24th at 07:43am
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Helping my Amazing Live-In Nanny Find a New Home
Posted by Melissa Davis
August 23rd at 08:25pm
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Posted by Ivonne Vargas
August 23rd at 08:17pm
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Nanny position
Posted by Clara Gaillion
August 23rd at 04:26pm
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House cleaning
Posted by virginia Domingues
August 23rd at 03:35pm
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Client-Recommended Cleaning Person...
Posted by Alison Oxman
August 23rd at 03:33pm
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morning/afternoon Babysitter
Posted by Melinda Montanez
August 23rd at 03:28pm
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Posted by Ksenia
August 23rd at 01:41pm
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Helping Our Fantastic Nanny to Find a New Family
Posted by Sara
August 23rd at 01:08pm
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Local Handyman & organizational specialist
Posted by David Myers
August 23rd at 12:07pm
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Posted by Fernanda
August 23rd at 07:16am
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Two Portuguese Cleaning Women
Posted by Ana
August 23rd at 06:48am
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SUPER NANNY & HSKPR. AVAIL. # : 973-472-5794
Posted by Martha
August 23rd at 02:01am
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Fabulous Baby Night-Nurse Available
Posted by Rachel Bensimon
August 22nd at 11:45pm
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Amazing Nanny Available for Steady Date-Night Babysitting
Posted by Rachel Bensimon
August 22nd at 11:43pm
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Day/Night BabyNurse/ Nanny
Posted by Megan
August 22nd at 09:22pm
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Maria's Cleaning Service - Reliable Professionals with Decades of Experience
Posted by Maria Correa
August 22nd at 09:04pm
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Caregiver/Live In/LIve Out
August 22nd at 03:59pm
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Posted by Ana Maria moniz
August 22nd at 03:57pm
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Yolanda's Cleaning Service
Posted by Yolanda Kindu
August 22nd at 03:42pm
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Experience nanny looking for PT/FT live out position
Posted by Mayra
August 22nd at 02:15pm
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Eco-friendly cleaning lady. Great recommendations, affordable price, yearsof experience 862-368-2304
Posted by Aneta
August 22nd at 02:04pm
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Danielle's WaitStaff
Posted by Danielle Ovilma
August 22nd at 01:57pm
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Reliable and Professional Services
Posted by Bela & Robert
August 22nd at 01:14pm
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Part/ full time position
Posted by Lisa Ann Peters
August 22nd at 12:22pm
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Posted by SuperNanny
August 22nd at 11:49am
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Nanny position
Posted by Tasha Belgrave
August 22nd at 10:01am
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2016/2017 school year experienced sitter
Posted by Ms. Thomas
August 21st at 11:18pm
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Posted by Hiedi
August 21st at 09:46pm
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Residential and Commercial cleaning services
Posted by Island Pride Maintenance Services LLC
August 21st at 08:57pm
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Posted by Gallart
August 21st at 06:19pm
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Posted by Irene
August 21st at 06:07pm
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Top Notch Nanny/ babysitter fulltime/partime Live out
Posted by Rita Martin
August 21st at 05:45pm
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Highly Recommended Nanny Available!
Posted by Katie
August 21st at 08:17am
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Full time Nanny
Posted by lauren powell
August 20th at 04:46pm
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Best Reliable cleaning lady Call ! (973) 814 06 01
Posted by Camila
August 20th at 11:14am
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
August 20th at 09:12am
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Nanny in Essex Co w/ lic
Posted by Estela Godinez
August 20th at 08:50am
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Nanny with Excellent References Available
Posted by Telly
August 20th at 06:40am
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Posted by Marissa Brown
August 19th at 09:48pm
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Experienced Full-Time Dog Walker/Sitter and Credited Dog Trainer
Posted by Daniel Weinberger
August 19th at 07:41pm
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Nanny assistance part time and weekend
Posted by Saiyida Daniels
August 19th at 12:21pm
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Posted by Andy
August 19th at 12:20pm
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Qulified&Experienced Nanny for F/T L/O
Posted by Christina M.
August 19th at 12:10pm
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Experienced FT/PT Nanny
Posted by Colette
August 19th at 11:00am
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Awesome and Fun Loving Nanny
Posted by Sherrel
August 19th at 09:33am
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Hire My Babysitter
Posted by Michelle Roberts
August 19th at 08:08am
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Offices, Homes, and Industrial Cleaning!
Posted by Lyndon Lewis
August 18th at 06:15pm
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Middle & High School Math/Science Tutor
Posted by Jerry Citron
August 18th at 03:33pm
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Experienced, Reliable, and Devoted Nanny available.
Posted by Helen
August 18th at 03:05pm
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Companion/In-Home caregiver
Posted by Jo
August 18th at 02:08pm
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August 18th at 01:17pm
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Aftercare Babysitter need in Berkeley Heights for 1 Child
Posted by Ellen de Luna
August 18th at 11:32am
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A Highly Recommended Nanny Is Available Now!
Posted by Jed
August 18th at 11:19am
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Hire our amazing babysitter/nanny - Chatham/Madison Area
Posted by Beth
August 18th at 10:08am
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Full time Babysitter Available, Starting in September
Posted by Rob Gilpatric
August 18th at 09:38am
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house cleaning
Posted by Maria
August 18th at 09:17am
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24 Brazilian Au Pair
Posted by Kathleen Lawrie
August 18th at 08:59am
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Experienced Nanny Looking for Full Time
Posted by Sophia Lemonias
August 17th at 10:06pm
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Part-time Lovely and Responsible Nanny
Posted by Adriana Silva
August 17th at 06:18pm
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Customer service
Posted by Whitney Lumas
August 17th at 02:21pm
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Nanny (live out)
Posted by Viviane
August 17th at 01:52pm
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Posted by Dorothy Ogbumah
August 17th at 10:41am
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Reliable And Professional Cleaning Services
Posted by Bela
August 17th at 07:04am
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Posted by Marlene J. Alves
August 16th at 08:57pm
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Excellent nanny available
Posted by Kerry Ann Morgan
August 16th at 08:41pm
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Full time/Part time Nanny Available.
Posted by Cindy
August 16th at 04:59pm
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Male caregiver
Posted by khuli
August 16th at 04:58pm
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Posted by Audrey
August 16th at 04:02pm
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Date night/Saturday night babysitter available
Posted by Allison Weinstein
August 16th at 02:16pm
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Full time housekeeper /babysitter
Posted by Ericka
August 16th at 01:24pm
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Excellent Baby Nurse/Newborn Nanny Available
Posted by Allison Song
August 16th at 11:07am
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My driving Nanny is available
Posted by Jen
August 16th at 10:38am
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Driving nanny available
Posted by MK
August 16th at 10:05am
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Part-Time Experienced Sitter Available
Posted by Sho
August 16th at 08:27am
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Excellent nanny available
Posted by Agnes
August 15th at 11:03pm
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Full Time Nanny Available
Posted by Miss V
August 15th at 10:55pm
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Looking for nanny position
Posted by Marilyn
August 15th at 07:15pm
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Amazing Part Time Nanny Available Afternoons Mon/Weds/Fri
Posted by Carly Miller
August 15th at 06:45pm
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Contact me If you want your house sparkling for weeks 973-991-7600
Posted by Ana
August 15th at 05:23pm
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Teacher Available for Child Care
Posted by Crystal
August 15th at 05:17pm
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Local College Student Sitters Available
Posted by Seton Sitters
August 15th at 03:54pm
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Local College Student Sitter Available
Posted by Seton Sitters
August 15th at 01:32pm
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Looking for Monday after-school sitter/driver for 7 yo and 10 yo
Posted by Aliza Sherman
August 15th at 12:57pm
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Fun Attentive Nanny Available
Posted by Cassandra Thomas
August 15th at 11:53am
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Responsible Nanny Looking for New Family
Posted by Dana Colao
August 15th at 11:23am
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Excellent and Engaging nanny available now
Posted by Elana Livneh
August 15th at 08:42am
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Please hire Nikki, our fantastic Nanny
Posted by Pieter Van Schaick
August 15th at 07:43am
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Available After School Babysitter
Posted by Nat
August 14th at 03:16pm
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Complete Lawn Maintenance & Landscape Design
Posted by Mathias Gomez
August 14th at 01:37pm
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
August 14th at 12:07pm
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Mature, Experienced, Nanny Available for Part-Time Position
Posted by Annette
August 13th at 10:10pm
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Experienced,Driving,Full-time- House Manager
Posted by Michelle
August 13th at 09:13pm
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Experienced nanny available to work the week of August 22nd and weekends.
Posted by Debra Akyazici
August 13th at 07:56pm
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Babysitter and Datenight Sitter
Posted by Maria R.
August 13th at 04:13pm
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Experienced Nanny
Posted by Dianne
August 13th at 01:55pm
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Looking for a Wondeful Family for My Fantastic Nanny
Posted by AG
August 13th at 12:14pm
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Housekeeper (cleaner)Once a week available!
Posted by Jessie
August 12th at 06:22pm
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Our wonderful Nanny is looking for part time job
Posted by Cindi O.
August 12th at 05:34pm
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Former Elementary School Teacher as Nanny
Posted by Carollyn
August 12th at 02:19pm
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Cleaning services
Posted by Alzira pereira
August 12th at 02:13pm
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////////Perfect Cleaning/////////
Posted by Fernanda
August 12th at 01:28pm
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Driving Nanny For FT Longterm Position
Posted by NJ Nanny
August 12th at 11:48am
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Graphic Wed Designer
Posted by Angela McKinney
August 12th at 11:48am
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Organized, meticulous, and flexible Personal Assistant to provide exceptional right-hand support!
Posted by Robin Levan
August 12th at 09:51am
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August 11th at 11:00pm
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Posted by ANNA
August 11th at 09:53pm
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House cleaning and nany
Posted by Maria luisa
August 11th at 07:26pm
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I Am Your Nanny
Posted by Jessica Davis
August 11th at 04:36pm
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Professional And Reliable Cleaning Services
Posted by Robert A.
August 11th at 03:01pm
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Full time nanny
Posted by P.Cristina
August 11th at 12:38pm
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Experienced Part Time Nanny
Posted by Cathy
August 10th at 08:35pm
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Nanny (Live in)
Posted by Jussara
August 10th at 07:31pm
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Free Lance 3D Animator/Storyboard Teller!
Posted by Nicholas Lewis
August 10th at 03:10pm
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Reiki Treatment
Posted by Blue Stone Reiki
August 10th at 01:52pm
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full time dependable caring nanny/Non driver
Posted by Nicole Jacob
August 10th at 10:37am
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Posted by Marlene Alves
August 10th at 10:19am
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Seeking temporary childcare role
Posted by Harriet Adams
August 10th at 09:58am
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Posted by Frank
August 10th at 09:51am
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Full Time nanny
Posted by Mia
August 10th at 08:53am
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Experience Driver Nanny-Babysitter
Posted by Fabiana Vieira
August 10th at 08:40am
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Seth Boyden/MMS After Care & Transportation
Posted by Kay
August 10th at 12:02am
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Nanny seeking Full Time Position
Posted by Alinda Archibold
August 9th at 08:11pm
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House cleaning on Fridays
Posted by Jessica Torres
August 9th at 07:14pm
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Posted by Linda williams
August 9th at 07:07pm
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Our Super Nanny Available ASAP!!!!!
Posted by Lana
August 9th at 02:37pm
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Looking for PT job as babysitter
Posted by Polyana Santos
August 9th at 12:49pm
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Looking for
Posted by Fernanda
August 9th at 11:27am
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Hire our Fantastic, Loving Full time Nanny
Posted by Akua Ardayfio
August 9th at 10:25am
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English Language Arts Tutor
Posted by Lauren Mitchell
August 9th at 09:47am
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Posted by Hilda M. Kangwa
August 9th at 12:03am
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Loving, reliable nanny/babysitter available for 20-30 hours a week starting in October
Posted by Jordan Goldberg
August 8th at 10:26pm
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Trinidadian nanny looking for new family
Posted by Alicia Williams
August 8th at 10:13pm
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Posted by Housecleaner
August 8th at 09:16pm
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Posted by Nattille Toussaint
August 8th at 07:58pm
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Posted by Atilana
August 8th at 07:30pm
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Loving and accountable Nanny...
Posted by Nomonde
August 8th at 07:08pm
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our amazing live-in nanny is available!
Posted by Amy
August 8th at 04:30pm
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Math packet tutoring, P/SAT prep, and more!
Posted by Bright Choice Academic Services
August 8th at 02:55pm
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Home cook
Posted by Christine
August 8th at 02:46pm
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House keeping
Posted by Sihle mpanza
August 8th at 02:32pm
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Full-time/part-time nanny
Posted by Edlyn Rivera
August 8th at 01:11pm
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Seeking Live In Spanish/Philapino Housekeeper
Posted by gail hochman
August 8th at 12:13pm
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Polish nanny
Posted by Zaneta
August 8th at 12:06pm
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Please Hire Our Wonderful Nanny available ASAP
Posted by Jessica Katz
August 8th at 09:19am
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Nanny needed
Posted by Jaclyn stein
August 8th at 08:57am
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
August 8th at 07:53am
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