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Help Wanted
Babysitter (20)
Cleaning Services (4)
Elderly Care (3)
Nanny (33)
Office Work (5)
Other (30)

Employment Wanted
Babysitter (26)
Cleaning Services (34)
Elderly Care (17)
Nanny (48)
Office Work (3)
Other (30)
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Remember - keep it local - talk to the person on the phone - and never email bank information.

Employment Wanted Ads

Posted by Ruth Figueroa
November 22nd at 04:28pm
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House and apartment cleaning
Posted by Sonia
November 22nd at 02:26pm
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Part-Time Babysitter
Posted by Esther Jones
November 22nd at 06:17am
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ChildCare/Special needs
Posted by Clotilda Bryce
November 21st at 06:39pm
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Elderly care / Companion
Posted by Khatuna
November 21st at 05:12pm
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live in
Posted by jacqueline murray
November 21st at 02:49pm
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Posted by Super Clean
November 21st at 02:22pm
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Posted by Hannah Kaplan
November 21st at 01:55pm
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Experienced Full-Time Dog Walker/Sitter
Posted by Daniel Weinberger
November 21st at 11:12am
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HOUSE CLEANING 973 776 24 81
Posted by IRMA
November 20th at 09:37pm
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Employment wanted/Elderly Care
Posted by Estelle lane
November 20th at 07:33pm
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Seeking Shira (music) teacher for Religious School.
Posted by Rabbi Kornsgold
November 20th at 02:24pm
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Hskpr/Babysit/driver Etc...
Posted by Linda
November 20th at 02:21pm
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Posted by Tutor
November 20th at 12:43pm
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Loving Driving Nanny!
Posted by NannyT
November 20th at 11:15am
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Posted by Barbara
November 20th at 10:41am
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Homeschooling Super Nanny
Posted by Vanessa
November 20th at 07:09am
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Babysitter/ light housekeeper
Posted by Anne Tozzo
November 19th at 09:39pm
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Rides for your guests
Posted by Felix Quist
November 19th at 04:17pm
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Wellness Center Assistant in Florham Park
Posted by Paige
November 19th at 03:22pm
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Looking for pt position ASAP at least 25/30 hours per week
Posted by Rhonda
November 19th at 09:19am
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Qualified,driving nanny looking for f/t nanny position
Posted by Christina
November 19th at 08:55am
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baby nurse specialist
Posted by stacyann
November 18th at 08:41pm
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Full time nanny available
Posted by Althea
November 18th at 07:50pm
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Cleaning Services
Posted by Marie Williamson
November 18th at 07:19pm
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Fabulous Cleaning!!! 862-4382816
Posted by Fabiola
November 18th at 03:44pm
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Loving Live In Nanny Available
Posted by Matshidiso Miziyonke
November 18th at 02:09pm
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Great cleaning services
Posted by Jenny
November 18th at 12:34pm
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Posted by Nichole
November 18th at 11:37am
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
November 18th at 07:59am
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Live-in Elderly Care
Posted by Jennifer Clough
November 18th at 07:32am
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Our Full Time Driving Dream Nanny Available
Posted by Marisa
November 17th at 09:05pm
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House cleaning
Posted by Virginia
November 17th at 07:16pm
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*Lynn's Cleaning Service LLC*
Posted by Marrilyn
November 17th at 05:41pm
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Winter Decoration for Planters
Posted by Sustainability Advisor
November 17th at 05:33pm
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Certified nanny seeking job immediately
Posted by Kadia
November 17th at 03:59pm
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Carpenter / Handyman
Posted by Gallart
November 17th at 01:30pm
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Looking for any morning work (8am-1pm)
Posted by Jamie Carnevale
November 17th at 12:50pm
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Responsible Teen Dog Walker & Sitter
Posted by Shavanna Beale
November 17th at 11:28am
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Experienced Babysitter searching Twice a week position M-W
Posted by Claudia Ramos
November 17th at 08:34am
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//////Perfect Cleaning//////
Posted by Fernanda
November 17th at 07:20am
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Hairdresser/Babysitter On Call
Posted by Ana
November 17th at 12:47am
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Posted by VICTORIA
November 16th at 08:55pm
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Part-Time Babysitting/tutoring
Posted by Dylan Vos
November 16th at 08:20pm
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Elderly Caregiver / Live In
Posted by Donette Brown
November 16th at 07:23pm
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Masonry general Construction , tile ,paint, decks, and much more
Posted by Joe Pimenta
November 16th at 07:23pm
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Cleaning Lady available asap
Posted by Sarah
November 16th at 07:21pm
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Posted by
November 16th at 05:54pm
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Handyman & Home Improvement
Posted by Cristian Valerio
November 16th at 12:24pm
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CHHA / Elderly Care Giver
Posted by Magdalene Phillip-Louisy
November 16th at 12:06pm
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Posted by Linda
November 16th at 08:16am
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Elderly care/ companion
Posted by Jacqueline. Newton
November 16th at 02:19am
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CHHA Babysitter or Elderly care.
Posted by Jen Taylor
November 15th at 08:25pm
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Elderly Care
Posted by Elizabeth Mwanza
November 15th at 03:42pm
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Reliable cleaning woman Available, Try my service you'll be satisfied (973) 814 06 01
Posted by Camila
November 15th at 12:50pm
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companion care
Posted by odette nobrega
November 15th at 11:14am
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🍀Feeling Overwhelmed? 201-776-2716🍀
Posted by Patricia de Souza
November 14th at 08:50pm
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HOUSE CLEANING 973 776 24 81
Posted by IRMA
November 14th at 07:45pm
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Accomplished Public Speaker
Posted by Mr. Williams
November 14th at 06:05pm
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Posted by Alfreda Moore
November 14th at 05:04pm
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Employment Wanted
Posted by Marcia Bailey
November 14th at 01:16pm
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Great housecleaner available!! 862-7553801
Posted by Elaine Ferreira!
November 14th at 12:47pm
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Nanny position
Posted by Marie Louis
November 14th at 12:22pm
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Posted by Robert Schwartz
November 14th at 11:20am
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Silver Hound Dog Walking & Cat Sitting
Posted by Zue Grady
November 14th at 10:13am
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SUPER NANNY & HSKPR. AVAIL. TEL. # :973-472-5794
Posted by Judy
November 13th at 11:53pm
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(: Experienced Loving Nanny Available :)
Posted by Ebony B.
November 13th at 10:52pm
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experienced, teenage, weekend baby sitter
Posted by Talia White
November 13th at 09:41pm
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Experienced FT Nanny Available
Posted by Deb
November 13th at 04:19pm
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New Jersey Certified Nurse's Aide **AVAILABLE FOR WORK FULL TIME OR PART TIME**
Posted by Glady\'s
November 13th at 03:51pm
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Our wonderful, caring nanny is available.
Posted by Neil Marks
November 13th at 11:04am
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Posted by alline martins
November 13th at 08:19am
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8:00am-2:00pm Nanny Available
Posted by Margaret Lee
November 12th at 10:44pm
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Posted by Linda
November 12th at 10:21pm
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Masonry Construction & Interior Painting
Posted by Joe Pimenta
November 12th at 08:48pm
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Posted by ada
November 12th at 07:20pm
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House cleaner
Posted by Isabel
November 12th at 05:53pm
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Recent college grad looking for a evening/weekend babysitting position
Posted by Allie Herman
November 12th at 04:22pm
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loving & caring after school babysitter available!
Posted by Sabrina R
November 12th at 04:03pm
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Nanny Available
Posted by Reena Mathews
November 12th at 01:58pm
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fun loving non driving live in nanny
Posted by candy
November 12th at 01:43pm
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Posted by Lane
November 12th at 11:59am
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November 12th at 10:30am
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Our Wonderful & Kind FT Nanny
Posted by Kimberly Smith
November 11th at 10:31pm
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Luz cleaning service
Posted by Katia
November 11th at 08:14pm
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Last Minute Sitter
Posted by A. Intal
November 11th at 07:54pm
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Posted by Veronica
November 11th at 05:49pm
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Posted by Stefanie
November 11th at 04:10pm
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excellent cleaning
Posted by juliane
November 11th at 12:16pm
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Personal Coaching with families/ Individual
Posted by Dana
November 11th at 11:49am
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nanny/ babysitter
Posted by margaret balgobin
November 11th at 10:52am
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Columbia High School Math Tutor
Posted by Ben Orgera
November 11th at 08:51am
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Fantastic Driving Nanny Available!
Posted by Jed
November 11th at 07:35am
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employment wanted
Posted by Sylvia Simpson
November 10th at 11:22pm
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Posted by Annia Mesen
November 10th at 09:36pm
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History Tutor - specializing in AP US and AP European
Posted by Wendy Donat
November 10th at 08:45pm
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Date Nights / Weekend Help Available
Posted by Nordia
November 10th at 07:01pm
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1 Hour Free Sewing Class
Posted by WillieMae
November 10th at 05:38pm
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Posted by Marry
November 10th at 04:51pm
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Live in/ Live out CHHA
Posted by Sandra Brightly
November 10th at 04:15pm
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nanny/baby nurse live-in or live out/weekdays or weekends
Posted by Sandra Brightly
November 10th at 04:13pm
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Top Notch 30 Year Old Driving Nanny/Household Manager
Posted by Amy
November 10th at 12:19pm
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Handyman Services-No job is too Small
Posted by Noel Lopes
November 10th at 11:30am
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Posted by Ana p melendez
November 10th at 11:18am
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I am available!!!!
Posted by Alicia
November 10th at 10:00am
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Posted by asrrael
November 10th at 09:51am
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////PERFECT CLEANING////862-754-9211
Posted by fernanda
November 10th at 07:51am
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Morris County full time- live out- college educated nanny
Posted by Danielle
November 10th at 06:27am
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Small Biz Owners Stop Struggling With Social Media!
Posted by Brian Castell
November 10th at 12:40am
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Nanny Babysitter
Posted by Nanny Babysitter
November 10th at 12:28am
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Looking for date nights babysitting positions or Tuesdays full day
Posted by Claribel
November 9th at 10:59pm
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Nanny Seeks Fulltime position!
Posted by Nurturing Nanny
November 9th at 08:13pm
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Do it all Nanny Seeks Fulltime position!
Posted by Do it all Nanny
November 9th at 08:11pm
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Brazilian Cleaning Services
Posted by ana paula
November 9th at 06:44pm
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Andrea's House Cleaning
Posted by Andrea
November 9th at 05:11pm
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Super Clean
Posted by CLEAN TEAM
November 9th at 10:55am
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
November 9th at 08:30am
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AMAZING NANNY available - FT, live out
Posted by Tracy
November 8th at 10:58am
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Loving Nanny/Babysitter
Posted by Tamita Blanding
November 8th at 10:47am
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Live-In / Live-Out Full Time Nanny
Posted by Natasha
November 7th at 07:46pm
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Spanish classes for kids at your home or my home!!!
Posted by Viviana
November 7th at 02:34pm
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Available Full-time Nanny/ light housekeeping
Posted by Sandy
November 6th at 09:37pm
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Posted by Mary Chola
November 6th at 08:21pm
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Mature Live In/Out Seeks Employment
Posted by Minnette
November 6th at 04:49pm
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Posted by Maureen
November 6th at 01:55pm
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Posted by Miller fernandes
November 6th at 12:35pm
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Reliable Virtual Assistant- Call for custom quote!
Posted by Robin Levan
November 6th at 11:41am
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Cleaning Services, Babysitter and/or housekeeper
Posted by CLAUDIA
November 5th at 08:00pm
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Our Wonderful Nanny is Available for Full Time Position
Posted by Nancy
November 5th at 07:52pm
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housekeeper, cleaning services and babysitter
November 5th at 07:44pm
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
November 5th at 04:05pm
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Cleaning Lady Availale
Posted by Mariana
November 5th at 04:04pm
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Nanny for newborn and elderlycare
Posted by Enid Malabre
November 5th at 03:54pm
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Sitter Available Nov-Dec-Jan
Posted by Laura
November 5th at 02:56pm
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Experienced English Tutor
Posted by Theresa Izzolino
November 5th at 05:42am
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Wonderful Brazilian nanny looking for full time job
Posted by Gabriela
November 4th at 11:43pm
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Full time/Part time Energetic Babysitter Available
Posted by Neema
November 4th at 10:42pm
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Care Giver Available Starting December 11th
Posted by Priscilla
November 4th at 08:45pm
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employment wanted
Posted by Michelle Jackman
November 4th at 07:44pm
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Posted by Martina Thomas
November 4th at 04:36pm
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Babysitter available starting December 12!
Posted by Harley
November 4th at 04:17pm
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Day/ Night Nurse/ Nanny
Posted by megan
November 4th at 02:51pm
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part time babysitter
Posted by Ericka Ruiz
November 4th at 01:29pm
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Part Time Housekeeper/Nanny Needed M-W-F in Livingston, NJ
Posted by Cincodamama
November 4th at 11:31am
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Liveout,dedicated Babysitter/Nanny
Posted by Alicia
November 4th at 10:25am
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nanny/baby sitter available asap
Posted by perpetua
November 4th at 10:15am
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Full time/part time(30hr.min) Nanny available
Posted by BDM
November 4th at 08:55am
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Posted by Ronni brenner
November 3rd at 10:17pm
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certify home health aid
Posted by edith musonda
November 3rd at 07:56pm
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Posted by Eric Waeschle
November 3rd at 06:20pm
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Nanny Seeks FT position
Posted by Nanny
November 3rd at 04:07pm
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Posted by Housecleaner
November 3rd at 01:24pm
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Supercalifragilisticexpealidoc ious babysitter!
Posted by Megan Persichetti
November 3rd at 09:20am
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//////PERFECT CLEANING////////
Posted by Nanda
November 3rd at 06:30am
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Classic Painting and Materials Interior/Exterior
Posted by Donald Carpenter
November 2nd at 04:59pm
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Social Media Coordinator Available!
Posted by Valerie
November 2nd at 03:28pm
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Dog Walker full time 35 yrs experience Pet Sitter 24/7 care puppy/dog Trainer
Posted by Stephen Berkelhammer
November 2nd at 02:40pm
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Live-in or out, Experienced, Lovely and Professional Nanny Available
Posted by Maria Tavares
November 2nd at 11:37am
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