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Help Wanted
Babysitter (33)
Cleaning Services (3)
Elderly Care (5)
Nanny (37)
Office Work (17)
Other (19)

Employment Wanted
Babysitter (20)
Cleaning Services (41)
Elderly Care (19)
Nanny (62)
Office Work (1)
Other (22)
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Remember - keep it local - talk to the person on the phone - and never email bank information.

Employment Wanted Ads

Flexible housekeeper
Posted by Ebony Lawrence
July 31st at 05:14pm
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Cleaning Services
Posted by Marie Williamson
July 31st at 04:36pm
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Prepare for the Oct and Nov SATs with our Half-Day Test Taking Tactics Class
Posted by Bright Choice Academic Services
July 31st at 08:51am
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Our Nanny Looking for a New Family
Posted by Kimberly Cagle
July 30th at 10:04pm
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Are you seeking for a great Caregiver
Posted by Mildred
July 30th at 09:55pm
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FT Loving nanny :) available
Posted by Lane
July 30th at 07:50pm
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Nanny/Babysitter (after 4pm)
Posted by Ms.Crystal
July 30th at 02:12pm
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Excellent Driving Nanny Available- Full time -or- Part Time
Posted by Alison Gassert
July 30th at 01:38pm
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Posted by Nichole
July 30th at 10:01am
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Posted by Rosalie Merelman
July 29th at 10:24pm
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Cleaning Service
Posted by Nancy Wolk
July 29th at 07:52pm
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Housekeeper available
Posted by Veronica
July 29th at 06:52pm
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Responsible Nanny/babysitter
Posted by Tresha Brown
July 29th at 05:12pm
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Posted by Jessica Underhill
July 29th at 05:04pm
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Professional and Reliable Cleaning Services
Posted by Bella
July 29th at 04:32pm
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Nanny Referral, Nanny and Aupair training and New baby nesting
Posted by Michelle Love
July 29th at 04:07pm
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Wanted: Maplewood FT live-out Nanny for infant starting January 2016 (driving not necessary)
Posted by Bert & Alexis Parcells
July 29th at 03:04pm
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Nannies/Housekeepers available for live-in or out
Posted by Angels Domestic
July 29th at 11:45am
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Awesome nanny p/t
Posted by Amy Klein
July 29th at 09:47am
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Our Reliable FULL-TIME NANNY is Available
Posted by Laura Klein
July 29th at 09:15am
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Babysitter and Driver
Posted by Barbara Simmons
July 29th at 08:18am
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Posted by Lauren
July 29th at 05:39am
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College student available to babysit now through end of summer
Posted by Jenna
July 28th at 09:50pm
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Great Nanny/ babysitter available anytime
Posted by Shayna Fraser
July 28th at 09:28pm
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employment wanted
Posted by Michelle Jackman
July 28th at 08:54pm
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Nanny/Baby Sister
Posted by Helene Feulefack
July 28th at 08:44pm
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baby sitter/nanny
Posted by marcia smith
July 28th at 08:32pm
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Wonderful full time Nanny available
Posted by Christine
July 28th at 03:49pm
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babysitter full time or part time
Posted by Roberto Macedo
July 28th at 01:19pm
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Experienced F/T caregiver available
Posted by Michelle
July 28th at 10:36am
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Recommending our Wonderful Babysitter for PT Position
Posted by Robert Cole
July 28th at 09:55am
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Elderly care
Posted by Donette Brown
July 28th at 07:42am
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
July 28th at 07:21am
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Personal Laundry Service
Posted by Laundry Lady
July 28th at 02:45am
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maria's cleaning
Posted by maria
July 27th at 08:43pm
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*** SUPER HOUSE CLEANING*** - no laziness - 973 985 0148
Posted by Flavia Renato
July 27th at 07:26pm
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Looking to become a nanny?
Posted by Paige B.
July 27th at 05:53pm
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Award Winning Math Tutor Available
Posted by Albert Appouh
July 27th at 04:36pm
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July 27th at 04:22pm
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Experienced Keeper Leonor Padua
Posted by Leonor Galvao
July 27th at 03:57pm
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Fun energetic nanny looking for fun family!
Posted by Kayla
July 27th at 12:37pm
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Experienced Live Out Nanny
Posted by Keisha Crawford
July 27th at 12:13pm
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////Perfect Cleaning/////862-754-9211
Posted by Fernanda
July 27th at 10:47am
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Rides for Everyone
Posted by Felix Quist
July 27th at 10:16am
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Baseball Skill Development with Former College Player
Posted by Ian Barry
July 27th at 09:55am
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Posted by Dare to Care
July 27th at 09:32am
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nanny available
Posted by Nanny
July 26th at 11:41pm
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Nanny available for maplewood/S.O area
Posted by Syieda Ellison
July 26th at 04:56pm
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Preschool Summer Camp for 1-6 yr olds (July 27-Sept 4)
Posted by Natalie
July 26th at 12:57pm
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Personal Home Assistant
Posted by Julia Calderon
July 26th at 09:56am
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Special Care For Your Special People
Posted by Tresha morris
July 25th at 01:08pm
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Reliable cleaning Lady Available!!! Call (973) 814 06 01
Posted by Camila
July 25th at 11:50am
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Caring nanny seeks position
Posted by Nanny
July 25th at 08:58am
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Posted by Eric Waeschle
July 24th at 06:10pm
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Posted by Michelle F
July 24th at 01:22pm
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Part Time Babysitter
Posted by Eve Sendrow
July 24th at 10:28am
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Posted by Vilma Elizondo
July 24th at 10:22am
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HOUSE CLEANING 973 776 24 81
Posted by IRMA
July 24th at 07:56am
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
July 24th at 07:20am
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Housekeeping Nanny
Posted by Valdeniza
July 23rd at 11:27pm
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Lawn maintenance and landscaping services
Posted by hugo palacio
July 23rd at 09:54pm
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Our incredible part-time nanny is available!!
Posted by Ellyn
July 23rd at 01:14pm
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Posted by BARBARA
July 23rd at 11:57am
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Posted by Mariana
July 23rd at 11:19am
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Amazing Driving Nanny is Looking for Full-Time Work
Posted by Sandra
July 22nd at 07:53pm
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Live-in elderly care giving
Posted by Jane Chulu
July 22nd at 06:56pm
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Loving full time professional nanny
Posted by Yisseliy montanez
July 22nd at 05:44pm
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Cleaning Lady
Posted by Kathy
July 22nd at 02:47pm
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Full-Time Nanny Available
Posted by Meaghan Naddeo
July 22nd at 11:59am
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Lawn Maintenance
Posted by Mathias Gomez
July 22nd at 09:51am
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driving nanny (live out....full time)
Posted by Caroline Bailey (Hopie)
July 22nd at 09:33am
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Excellent Full-time, Driving Nanny available
Posted by Grace Park
July 21st at 11:18pm
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loving and reliable babbysitter avilable
Posted by talie rambarran
July 21st at 09:49pm
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Posted by Caregiver
July 21st at 05:46pm
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certified nursing assistant. /certified hha... car liscense
Posted by yasheika hermitt south
July 21st at 04:43pm
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Professional And Reliable Cleaning Services
Posted by Robert A.
July 21st at 03:00pm
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Personal Assistant, Housekeeper
Posted by Joan Padron
July 21st at 01:51pm
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Posted by lynn
July 21st at 11:56am
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Stellar, Reliable, Driving Nanny Available
Posted by Maggie Lewis
July 21st at 08:27am
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IT Help Desk/Admin Assistant
Posted by Aaron S.
July 20th at 08:50pm
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Excellent European Housekeeper/Cleaning Available!
Posted by Olga
July 20th at 05:37pm
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Posted by Susy Soares
July 20th at 04:17pm
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Excellent Nanny/ Great references
Posted by Maria Elena
July 20th at 04:10pm
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Posted by Perpetua Honore
July 20th at 01:41pm
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Looking for after-school babysitter for my 9 and 6 year olds
Posted by Aliza Sherman
July 20th at 01:10pm
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Full time (40 hours per week)/part time wonderful nanny available
Posted by Samira
July 20th at 12:34pm
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Experienced nanny available on the weekends and the week of August 10 th.
Posted by Debra Akyazici
July 20th at 10:32am
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Qualified driving nanny looking for F/T Long Term Nanny job
Posted by Christina
July 20th at 10:05am
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
July 20th at 08:21am
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////PERFECT CLEANING////862-754-9211
Posted by fernanda
July 20th at 07:23am
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July 19th at 09:38pm
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Home Remodeling
Posted by Greenline Remodeling, LLC
July 19th at 09:30pm
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excellent experienced nanny i s still looking for full time live out
Posted by charlene licorish
July 19th at 09:00pm
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Elderly Care
Posted by Ana
July 19th at 08:53pm
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Posted by Feona Chin
July 19th at 06:44pm
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Handyman Services
Posted by Jerome
July 19th at 03:15pm
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Elderly Care.
Posted by Sharon
July 19th at 02:47pm
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CHHA/CNA seeks full time position
Posted by Chelle
July 19th at 02:12pm
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Posted by Patricia
July 19th at 01:44pm
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CHHA certified Caregiver seeking employment
Posted by Zenabu Ali
July 18th at 11:24pm
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Tired of driving the kids around, or rides in general
Posted by Felix Quist
July 18th at 07:02pm
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victoria cleaning service
Posted by Johanna
July 18th at 06:43pm
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Posted by Caelah
July 18th at 03:46pm
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Mom's helper
Posted by Ana
July 17th at 11:17pm
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Date Night Babysitting
Posted by Katherine Garcia
July 17th at 11:16pm
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Pets Best Friend Pet Sitting
Posted by Camila
July 17th at 08:13pm
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(Driver) pick ups & dropoff /Big Brother/live out nanny
Posted by Ope Talabi
July 17th at 04:38pm
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Special Babysitter/Family Helper
Posted by Darline
July 17th at 04:31pm
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Experienced Live-Out Driving Nanny Available
Posted by Liz
July 17th at 11:38am
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Posted by Benchmark Carpentry
July 17th at 09:29am
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SUPER NANNY & HSKPR. AVAIL. # : 973-472-5794
Posted by Martha
July 17th at 12:59am
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July 17th at 12:41am
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home health aid
Posted by edith
July 16th at 07:36pm
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Very reliable, affordable and experienced cleaning lady
Posted by Aneta
July 16th at 06:56pm
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House cleaner
Posted by Lisseth
July 16th at 04:31pm
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Our excellent driving nanny is available for work
Posted by Sandra Gora
July 16th at 02:45pm
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Professional Nanny Seeking Part-Time Monday & Tuesday
Posted by Priscilla
July 16th at 02:14pm
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Reliable, driving,caring, loving, experienced nanny is looking for a position
Posted by Marie
July 16th at 11:18am
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Posted by Laura
July 16th at 10:00am
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Posted by Brenda Contreras
July 16th at 09:49am
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
July 16th at 07:39am
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Personal Laundry Service
Posted by Laundryorus
July 16th at 01:28am
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Posted by Tomas P.
July 15th at 11:41pm
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Posted by ada
July 15th at 08:29pm
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Baby Nurse
Posted by CN
July 15th at 02:10pm
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Posted by Linda
July 15th at 11:56am
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You deserve a break! Let us do the cleaning for you
Posted by Liz Quesada
July 15th at 09:31am
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Posted by Fernanda
July 15th at 07:47am
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Our wonderful nanny needs a new family
Posted by Veronica
July 14th at 09:41pm
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elderly care ornanny
Posted by Racquel Miller
July 14th at 09:19pm
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Posted by Kristie
July 14th at 09:07pm
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Sitter available on weekends and errands
Posted by Susan Lucin
July 14th at 09:01pm
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Dog Walker-Pet Sitter Trainer full time 35 yrs experience Dog-Cat Sitter 24/7 care
Posted by Stephen Berkelhammer
July 14th at 06:43pm
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Cleaning services
Posted by Mayi
July 14th at 04:30pm
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Custom PC Building Service
Posted by John
July 14th at 12:46pm
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Driving, CPR/First Aid Nanny seeking a weekend position
Posted by
July 14th at 12:39pm
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(NO FEES)HIRE COMPLETE STAFFING & driving/Nanny/Hskpr/Elderly/ba by Nurse
Posted by Odessa
July 14th at 11:41am
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PT Elderly care or FT Nanny
Posted by Cirla
July 14th at 10:42am
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Awesometastic full time Nanny available
Posted by Eli
July 14th at 10:23am
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Part Time Loving and Caring Nanny
Posted by Erica McNeil
July 14th at 10:10am
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Qualified driving babysitter looking for 35-50hrs per week
Posted by Christina
July 14th at 09:20am
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Ft/ Reliable/ Hardworking Nanny
Posted by Lyn
July 14th at 08:19am
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Elderly care/ companion
Posted by Jacqueline. Newton
July 13th at 10:43pm
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cleaning and elderly care
Posted by Carolyn
July 13th at 09:44pm
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DOG WALKER Available
Posted by Al
July 13th at 08:19pm
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Summer/Fall/Spring College Student Sitters Available
Posted by Seton Student Sitters
July 13th at 07:57pm
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Our great nanny/housekeeper is now available for your family!
Posted by Theresa
July 13th at 07:32pm
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Wonderful Housekeeper/Babysitter Available Part-time
Posted by Dcc
July 13th at 05:55pm
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Want the best Nanny EVER? Look no further, mine is available FT starting 7/20!
Posted by Steph
July 13th at 05:43pm
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Posted by South Orange Mom
July 13th at 03:41pm
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Capable teenager looking to earn
Posted by Max Lazen
July 13th at 03:36pm
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My fantastic nanny/babysitter is available full-time
Posted by Katherine
July 13th at 11:22am
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Loving Certified Caregiver
Posted by Maxine
July 13th at 10:46am
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Summer Nanny Available ASAP
Posted by Nathalie
July 13th at 09:25am
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Posted by RAMONA
July 13th at 09:17am
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////Perfect Cleaning///862 754 9211
Posted by Fernanda
July 13th at 08:02am
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
July 13th at 07:12am
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Blessed G home services
Posted by Gloria Owusu-Bempah
July 13th at 12:36am
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Experienced Caregiver/Cook/Driver
Posted by Ellen
July 12th at 10:56pm
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PT or FT Nanny looking for a job position :)
Posted by Carmen
July 12th at 10:33pm
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Personal Assistant/Home Health Aide
Posted by Susan
July 12th at 09:41pm
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Part-Time Babysitter Needed in Morris Plains
Posted by Alisha Davlin
July 12th at 08:19pm
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Local College Student Sitters Available for Fall
Posted by Seton Student Sitters
July 12th at 08:04pm
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Anna's Cleaning Services
Posted by Anna
July 12th at 12:25pm
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Your Mary Poppins!
Posted by Rachel
July 12th at 12:42am
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