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Help Wanted
Babysitter (23)
Cleaning Services (3)
Elderly Care (3)
Nanny (34)
Office Work (2)
Other (15)

Employment Wanted
Babysitter (22)
Cleaning Services (29)
Elderly Care (9)
Nanny (44)
Office Work (3)
Other (18)
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Remember - keep it local - talk to the person on the phone - and never email bank information.

Employment Wanted Ads

November 28th at 07:39pm
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Posted by Tyler Reininga
November 28th at 01:36pm
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DOG WALKER Available
Posted by Al
November 28th at 12:04pm
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HOUSE CLEANING 973 776 2481
Posted by IRMA
November 28th at 09:45am
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Experienced High School Weekend Babysitter
Posted by Talia White
November 27th at 09:53pm
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Cleaning Services
Posted by Pricia
November 27th at 09:09pm
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Drop-in Homework Help/Tutoring for High Schoolers (South Orange)
Posted by Homework Club
November 27th at 05:42pm
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Driver for Teens
Posted by Ms. Pascale
November 27th at 04:48pm
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Caring & Experienced Sitter Available
Posted by Cynthia
November 27th at 12:53pm
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Experienced all around sitter/nanny/housekeeper
Posted by Nanny
November 27th at 10:57am
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My cleaner has spare hours! Reliable!
Posted by Karen W
November 27th at 09:38am
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Professional and Reliable Cleaning Services 973 393 8050
Posted by Bella or Robert
November 27th at 06:41am
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SUPER NANNY & HSKPR. AVAIL. TEL. # :973-472-5794
Posted by Judy
November 25th at 05:16pm
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Baby Nurse/Nanny/ Babysitting positions
Posted by Colleen Blake
November 25th at 04:04pm
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Posted by Kelly Ann
November 25th at 02:37pm
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Posted by Danielle
November 25th at 04:19am
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HIGHLY experienced....infant/toddler PROFESSIONAL nanny
Posted by anna dryja
November 24th at 11:17pm
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cleaning service
Posted by Karolina
November 23rd at 08:48pm
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Posted by Matt
November 23rd at 08:45pm
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Housecleaner available to get your house ready for the holidays!
Posted by Girlene Vreeland
November 23rd at 04:24pm
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Holiday Babysitter
Posted by Natasha Pelham-Lacey
November 23rd at 03:22pm
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Dependable Twins Home & Office Cleaning
Posted by Dependable Twins
November 23rd at 11:46am
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Our Reliable FULL-TIME DRIVING NANNY with 10yrs Experience is Available
Posted by Rob & Lew
November 23rd at 10:19am
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Posted by Eric Waeschle
November 23rd at 09:47am
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Driving Nanny
Posted by Judy Simpson
November 22nd at 03:12pm
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Elderly Care
Posted by Goldine Payne
November 22nd at 02:59pm
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Part Time Winter Break Babysitter/Nanny (December 19th to January 22nd)
Posted by Stephanie Dolberg
November 22nd at 10:39am
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Nanny position
Posted by Marie Louis
November 22nd at 06:08am
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Loving, educated, trustworthy nanny
Posted by Vanessa
November 22nd at 05:36am
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Experienced Nanny
Posted by ABCNANNY
November 21st at 07:29pm
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Tutor Available
Posted by Mark Richman
November 21st at 05:08pm
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HOUSE CLEANING 973 776 2481
Posted by IRMA
November 21st at 07:57am
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Full-time driving nanny available
Posted by Diana Gerstel
November 20th at 10:36pm
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Pro Personal Chef & Cleaning Specialist ( Housekeeper ) with past nanny experience
Posted by Neema
November 20th at 07:19pm
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nanny available
Posted by Linda
November 20th at 11:01am
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Experienced driving babysitter available for part time morning-afternoon and weekend sitting
Posted by Amanda
November 20th at 08:19am
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Qualified Professional Nanny with Verifiable References Available
Posted by Theresa Charley
November 19th at 10:11pm
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Loving Nanny Available FT
Posted by Margaret
November 19th at 07:16pm
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Posted by DINA
November 19th at 03:33pm
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Posted by Ashleigh
November 19th at 09:07am
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Overnight Elderly Care / Companion
Posted by Tressy Seabrookes
November 19th at 07:47am
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House cleaning
Posted by Flavia hidalgo
November 19th at 12:20am
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Babysitter Available January 3rd-January 17th
Posted by Arielle Schilling
November 18th at 06:36pm
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Experienced Part Time Nanny
Posted by Erica McNeil
November 18th at 04:42pm
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SOUTH ORANGE-Nanny Referral, Nanny and Aupair training and New baby nesting
Posted by Michelle Love
November 18th at 02:26pm
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Experience, reliable caregiver
Posted by krystal
November 18th at 01:08pm
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Posted by Fernanda Marmelo
November 18th at 12:31pm
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Cleaning Services
Posted by Gloria Paucar
November 18th at 11:23am
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Loving Nanny available
Posted by Bryan
November 18th at 10:39am
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loved babysitter available now
Posted by maria brito
November 18th at 10:34am
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Posted by Manouska
November 17th at 10:28pm
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Experience Reliable Caregiver For Sick/Elderly
Posted by Lesia Davis
November 17th at 07:48pm
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Full Time Live-In Nanny/Babysittter Available to start In December
Posted by Wadzi Sandra
November 17th at 04:28pm
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TidyUp Cleaning Service
Posted by Alicia Salas
November 17th at 12:35pm
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nanny position
Posted by Renata
November 17th at 12:11pm
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2016 PT College Nanny/Sitter
Posted by LaToya C
November 17th at 01:48am
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Posted by alline martins
November 16th at 08:10pm
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P/T Nanny Available!!
Posted by Adena Barker
November 16th at 08:00pm
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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Lady. Excellent recomendations, affordable prices, long time experienc
Posted by Aneta
November 16th at 06:23pm
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Perfect Care to your loved ones
Posted by Mildrene Volcy
November 16th at 01:08pm
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Posted by Aunt Emma Nanny Agency LLC
November 16th at 12:48pm
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Qualified nanny available for temporary babysitting
Posted by Christina
November 16th at 11:08am
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Qualified nanny available while my family is on vacation!
Posted by Christina
November 16th at 10:57am
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Afternoon babysitter/cleaning/elder care
Posted by Annia L
November 16th at 10:12am
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Part Time Administrative Assistant/Executive Assistant
Posted by Jordan Wolfe
November 16th at 09:16am
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///////PERFECT CLEANING//////////
Posted by Fernanda
November 16th at 07:57am
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Professional and Reliable Cleaning Services
Posted by Bella
November 16th at 07:53am
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PT driving morning nanny/babysitter
Posted by Caroline Bailey (Hopie)
November 15th at 09:19pm
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Lawn maintenance and landscaping services - aeration/ seeding
Posted by hugo palacio
November 15th at 08:59pm
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Home Remodeling
Posted by Greenline Remodeling, LLC
November 15th at 07:30pm
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College Student Sitters Available
Posted by Seton Student Sitters
November 15th at 09:48am
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Local College Student Sitters Available for Fall
Posted by Seton Student Sitters
November 15th at 09:47am
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Posted by ANNA
November 14th at 11:36pm
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S & A Cleaning Services
Posted by Shonda Williams
November 14th at 10:01pm
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2 Great Cleaning Ladys , Reliable cleaning Team !! .
Posted by Camila
November 14th at 11:50am
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Nanny available for in home childcare cranford, NJ
Posted by Jennifer Jones
November 14th at 11:40am
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Terrific experienced full-time live-out nanny available!!
Posted by Amy
November 14th at 10:24am
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Hardworking nanny/housekeeper seeking FT Live-in job
Posted by Melisa
November 14th at 10:13am
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Detailed housekeeper
Posted by Kate
November 13th at 11:26pm
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Fun Nanny/Housekeeper available! Live in or Out
Posted by Juliana
November 13th at 03:17pm
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Angely's Green Cleaning Service.(862)-252-3920.
Posted by Giovanna Salvador
November 13th at 02:42pm
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careful nanny
Posted by cristal
November 13th at 02:32pm
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Professional Educated and Fun Teacher
Posted by Looking for a Nice Family/FT Nanny Position Wanted
November 13th at 01:40pm
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Posted by Kerry Ann Morgan
November 13th at 12:10pm
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Experienced nanny looking for work
Posted by Isabel Cristina Henao
November 13th at 11:39am
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Nannies for hire!
Posted by Aunt Emma Nanny Agency
November 13th at 11:21am
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Posted by Martha Tixe
November 13th at 09:02am
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November 13th at 08:14am
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Friday & Saturday babysitter
Posted by Yisseliy montanez
November 13th at 06:14am
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Holiday Helper (specially trained for children with autism)
Posted by Brooke Trayer
November 12th at 10:29pm
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Fulltime Nanny/Babysitter available
Posted by Fred
November 12th at 10:09pm
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Experienced Caregiver/Cook/Housekeeper
Posted by Ellen
November 12th at 10:01pm
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Posted by Susan
November 12th at 09:56pm
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Cleaning Services, Babysitter and/or housekeeper
November 12th at 08:32pm
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Affordable! Elder - Care Service
Posted by jesse
November 12th at 07:47pm
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Remote Executive Family Assistant - start checking off the "to do" list by delegating
Posted by Robin Levan
November 12th at 07:26pm
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Posted by robert evelyn
November 12th at 07:17pm
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Posted by Quady King
November 12th at 07:04pm
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Friday Babysitter!!
Posted by Marcela
November 12th at 05:20pm
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After School/Evening Sitter Available
Posted by Melanie
November 12th at 04:22pm
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Qualified Nanny Looking for Full or Part Time Position
Posted by Laura
November 12th at 03:13pm
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Handyman Services
Posted by Jerome
November 12th at 10:42am
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Posted by BARBARA
November 12th at 09:10am
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*** SUPER HOUSE CLEANING*** - no laziness - 973 985 0148
Posted by Flavia&Renato
November 12th at 06:53am
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Handyman Services-No job is too Small
Posted by Noel Lopes
November 11th at 11:22pm
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lovely nanny
Posted by yessenia Rigacci
November 11th at 08:07pm
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Posted by Nattille Toussaint
November 11th at 06:05pm
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Loving Nanny
Posted by Germania Haro
November 11th at 04:28pm
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DREAM NANNY Looking for Full-Time Work
Posted by Tara
November 11th at 02:58pm
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Excellent Nanny Needs Part-Time Position ( Wed/ Thursday) !!!!!
Posted by Nissa Narcisse
November 11th at 02:34pm
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SUPER NANNY & HSKPR. AVAIL. # : 973-472-5794
Posted by Martha
November 11th at 02:27am
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Cleaning business for sale!
Posted by Elizabet
November 10th at 08:00pm
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Loving, caring, dependable & nurturing nanny
Posted by Carol Marcus-Connor
November 10th at 07:34pm
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Live Out Nanny, Summer Job
Posted by Bailee Gunter
November 10th at 02:31pm
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Nanny/Babysitter available
Posted by Karen Hamberlin
November 10th at 12:18pm
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12 yrs Experience Nanny seeking Full/Part Time Position
Posted by Lucian Kelshall
November 10th at 12:00pm
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Need Administrative Services ?
Posted by Sheree Payne
November 10th at 10:35am
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Local nanny with flexibility
Posted by Rona S
November 10th at 10:18am
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Posted by Eric Waeschle
November 10th at 08:58am
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Full Time Babysitter/Nanny Available Immediately
Posted by Faith
November 9th at 10:07pm
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Experienced Full-Time Dog Walker/Sitter
Posted by Daniel Weinberger
November 9th at 07:21pm
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Cleaning Lady Available
Posted by Betty
November 9th at 06:30pm
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Proven Success: Nanny / House Manager - MBA Educated
Posted by Amolyn Peart
November 9th at 04:14pm
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Looking for a nanny for pick up and care in Chatham, NJ
Posted by Jennifer Sullivan
November 9th at 11:15am
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Amazing Cleaning Lady Available
Posted by Rachel Lendner
November 9th at 08:53am
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