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Help Wanted
Babysitter (5)
Cleaning Services (4)
Elderly Care (6)
Nanny (16)
Office Work (5)
Other (17)

Employment Wanted
Babysitter (23)
Cleaning Services (35)
Elderly Care (9)
Nanny (60)
Office Work (2)
Other (30)
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Employment Wanted Ads

Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
June 28th at 07:15am
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Posted by Lauren
June 28th at 06:02am
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Nanny, CNA.
Posted by Susana Avalos
June 27th at 10:20pm
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Nanny/ housekeeper//eldercare
Posted by Marjorie aderson
June 27th at 09:56pm
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Parent's Helper.
Posted by Ana
June 27th at 05:21pm
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Posted by MARIA
June 27th at 04:21pm
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Our reliable, full-time nanny available early July
Posted by Lisa
June 27th at 03:43pm
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Posted by Josso Thomas
June 27th at 02:47pm
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Reliable and Best cleaning Lady Available !! Call (973) 814-0601
Posted by Cam
June 27th at 01:25pm
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Weekend Nanny
Posted by RS
June 27th at 01:20pm
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Basketball and Babysitting for boys
Posted by Virginia Roriston
June 27th at 10:18am
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Loving, reliable driving nanny is Available F/T,live out.
Posted by Kerry Ann
June 27th at 09:09am
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CPR/first Aid/Ft Reliable Nanny
Posted by LYN
June 27th at 07:46am
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Cleaning Services
Posted by Roxana Zuniga
June 27th at 07:38am
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My Babysitter (public school teacher's aide) is available for Summer
Posted by Jamie
June 26th at 10:45pm
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Posted by Daniela
June 26th at 09:47pm
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Experienced Full-time Driving Nanny Available!
Posted by Amy
June 26th at 09:05pm
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Cleaning Lady and Housekeeper
Posted by Noemia Chaves
June 26th at 05:41pm
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Summer Math Tutoring
Posted by Aaron Zuckerman
June 25th at 09:09pm
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Amazing Nanny Available (Part-time or Full-time)
Posted by Deborah Jacob
June 25th at 07:49pm
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Elderly care /Companion
Posted by Audrey Brooks
June 25th at 02:12pm
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
June 25th at 10:23am
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Experienced Nanny Looking for PT Work
Posted by Daniella LaRocco
June 24th at 09:16pm
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Help get your home organized to sell.
Posted by Mary Theresa MC Fadden
June 24th at 06:14pm
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Posted by Huguette Ceide
June 24th at 04:30pm
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Elderly Care
Posted by Eileen Williams
June 24th at 10:29am
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Posted by Mrs. Plunkett
June 24th at 08:59am
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Lawn maintenance and landscaping services - aeration/ seeding
Posted by hugo
June 24th at 07:54am
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Posted by Tyler Reininga
June 23rd at 07:35pm
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Driving Babysitter or Dog walking!!!
Posted by Adam F
June 23rd at 02:36pm
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Full time Babysitter Available, Starting in September
Posted by Rob Gilpatric
June 23rd at 01:22pm
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Two Portuguese Cleaning Women for Residential & Commercial Cleaning
Posted by Ana
June 23rd at 01:21pm
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Summer Nanny
Posted by Lorna
June 23rd at 01:18pm
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Handyman Services
Posted by Jerome
June 23rd at 12:31pm
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Elderly care
Posted by SYLVIE
June 23rd at 10:57am
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Professional Educated Fun Sweet yet Firm Teacher
Posted by Searching for a Nice Clean Family who communicates and works well with you/FT Nanny Position
June 23rd at 10:56am
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Multilingual seeking nanny position
Posted by Anna
June 22nd at 11:22pm
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Brazilian Housekeeper
Posted by Nayara Moura Mainardes
June 22nd at 07:59pm
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Experienced, trustworthy, reliable, bilingual nanny looking for an honest family.
Posted by Tatyana S.
June 22nd at 05:07pm
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Brazilian Cleaning Duo
Posted by Isabella
June 22nd at 03:14pm
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Posted by kristie
June 22nd at 12:26pm
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Home Daycare Provider
Posted by Carol
June 22nd at 08:17am
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Nurturing Nanny
Posted by Marquita Bennett-Hayes
June 22nd at 07:23am
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
June 22nd at 07:10am
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looking for job in elderly care
Posted by Oleh Podolchak
June 21st at 07:56pm
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Posted by Melicia Milburn
June 21st at 07:41pm
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Posted by Marlene Alves
June 21st at 06:32pm
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Math Tutoring (SAT ACT)
Posted by Evan Levy
June 21st at 05:23pm
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Weekend and Morning PT babysitter
Posted by Angela C.
June 21st at 04:37pm
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Dog Walking Mom
Posted by Lisa Brief Michals
June 21st at 04:36pm
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Available Summer Driving Babysitter
Posted by Nat
June 21st at 03:14pm
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English/Writing Tutor
Posted by Grad Student
June 21st at 02:57pm
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Reliable and Professional Services
Posted by Bela & Robert
June 21st at 02:40pm
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June 21st at 12:53pm
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Orton Gillingham Tutor
Posted by Claudine Colacino
June 21st at 08:05am
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Experienced,Driving,Full-time- House Manager
Posted by Michelle
June 20th at 09:00pm
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Nighttime sitter for when you need a night out!!!
Posted by Natasha Pelham-Lacey
June 20th at 08:08pm
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Experienced nanny available on the weekends.
Posted by Debra Akyazici
June 20th at 06:36pm
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Looking for nanny position
Posted by Marilyn
June 20th at 04:41pm
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(No Fees) (732)-328-9185 Hire Driving Nannies/Hsk/ElderlyBabynurses Here !
Posted by Odessa
June 20th at 03:01pm
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Mexican Au pair- 25 yrs/Engineer
Posted by Denisse
June 20th at 02:58pm
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Best, reliable , hardworking cleaning Lady available !
Posted by Cam
June 20th at 02:58pm
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Loving Nanny Available starting after September 8th!
Posted by Liz Camp
June 20th at 02:01pm
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Awesome Fun Loving Nanny Available Full Time
Posted by sherrel
June 20th at 12:46pm
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Experienced Babysitter
Posted by Lexy Trama
June 20th at 11:33am
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Looking for a nanny position .
Posted by Roseiby Quinn
June 20th at 11:16am
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Dog Walker/Photographer
Posted by Isaiah Lucas
June 20th at 11:02am
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Babysitter available
Posted by Victoria
June 20th at 08:58am
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Posted by Tomas P.
June 20th at 08:47am
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Experienced Nanny
Posted by Dianne
June 20th at 07:49am
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Qulified&Experienced Nanny for F/T L/O
Posted by Christina M.
June 20th at 07:46am
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Amazing Part-Time Driving Nanny Available
Posted by Erica
June 19th at 08:37pm
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Highly experienced Nanny with 18+ years available
Posted by Ms. Foster
June 19th at 06:42pm
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History, Writing, French & SAT Tutor
Posted by Tara Fitzmartin
June 19th at 06:17pm
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
June 19th at 08:16am
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Posted by Teresa
June 18th at 08:13pm
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Caring, Responsible Nanny
Posted by Marcia White
June 18th at 04:39pm
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Grades K-12 and College Mathematics Tutor
Posted by Amy Kamen
June 18th at 01:50pm
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job wanted
Posted by abegil james
June 17th at 09:36pm
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Experienced Full-Time nanny available
Posted by Mauricia
June 17th at 07:30pm
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Math & Language Arts Tutoring
Posted by Homework Club
June 17th at 02:45pm
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Reliable And Professional Cleaning Services
Posted by Bela
June 17th at 12:43pm
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Trinidadian nanny
Posted by Alicia Williams
June 17th at 09:33am
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Need help finding a nanny?
Posted by Aunt Emma Nanny Agency LLC
June 17th at 07:56am
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After school to any time...Driving NANNY AVAILABLE to help you out as soon as you need
Posted by Mely
June 16th at 11:33pm
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Wonderful full time nanny available
Posted by Elana Livneh
June 16th at 10:33pm
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(No Fees) Hire All Driving Nannies, Caregivers, Housekeepers, Babysitters Here (347)-938-5426
Posted by odessa
June 16th at 06:31pm
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Dog-walking/pet-sitting--help me pay for college!
Posted by Jonathan Gardner
June 16th at 06:24pm
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Energetic Professional Nanny Available
Posted by Miss V
June 16th at 06:04pm
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College Student Sitters Available
Posted by Sitterly Students
June 16th at 05:53pm
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College Student Sitter Available
Posted by Seton Sitters
June 16th at 05:11pm
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Over 20 yrs Experience nanny seeking Full/Part time position
Posted by Rose
June 16th at 10:55am
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Posted by Nancy Newman
June 16th at 10:54am
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Residential and Commercial cleaning services
Posted by Island Pride Maintenance Services LLC
June 16th at 09:50am
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
June 16th at 07:33am
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PT babtsitter
Posted by kia
June 16th at 07:18am
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Summer Sitter
Posted by Simone Seabrookes
June 16th at 12:26am
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My Loss is Your Gain--PT Nanny looking for FT
Posted by Lynn Vande Stouwe
June 15th at 10:13pm
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Part Time Babysitter
Posted by Jordyn Kronick
June 15th at 10:00pm
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Full time nanny , highly recommended
Posted by Kayanna Schulters
June 15th at 09:09pm
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Experienced Babysitter for Summer
Posted by Maddy Scafidi
June 15th at 01:53pm
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Dog Walker & Pet-sitter
Posted by Emma Wider
June 15th at 12:16pm
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Nanny available | FT | HIGHLY recommended
Posted by Lynne
June 15th at 10:12am
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Complete Lawn Maintenance & Landscape Design
Posted by Mathias Gomez
June 15th at 06:52am
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cleaning services
Posted by Juliana Agostini
June 15th at 01:08am
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Seeking part time nanny Thursdays and Friday mornings
Posted by MAB
June 14th at 10:38pm
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Posted by Nora BERGER
June 14th at 10:10pm
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Posted by Felicia Thamas
June 14th at 09:54pm
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Experience trustworthy reliable housekeeper
Posted by Ebony Lawrence
June 14th at 07:10pm
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housekeeper/mother's helper
Posted by Giordana
June 14th at 03:44pm
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Super nanny to the rescue
Posted by Elana Steinberg
June 14th at 02:14pm
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Home Remodeling
Posted by Greenline Remodeling, LLC
June 14th at 01:25pm
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If you want to see your house sparkling for weeks ...Please Call me...6172332318.
Posted by Ana Lopes
June 14th at 07:48am
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SUPER NANNY & HSKPR. AVAIL. # : 973-472-5794
Posted by Martha
June 14th at 04:56am
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Posted by Celia
June 13th at 11:44pm
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Brazilian Nanny available full time
Posted by Tauana Lorenço dos Santos
June 13th at 10:12pm
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PT Nanny Available
Posted by Sookie
June 13th at 09:51pm
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Babysitter for Summer afternoons and weekends
Posted by Sarah Panzer
June 13th at 09:28pm
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Classic painting and materials exterior houses start at $750.00
Posted by Donald C
June 13th at 09:05pm
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Babysitter available to take care your kids on weekends.
Posted by Mely
June 13th at 04:31pm
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Experienced Babysitter (summer work needed)
Posted by Julia Lorditch
June 13th at 03:29pm
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companion Caregiver
June 13th at 03:14pm
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12yrs + experience fun/upbeat/trusting/kind nanny
Posted by Marsha
June 13th at 01:52pm
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A Highly Recommended Nanny Is Available Now!
Posted by Jed
June 13th at 01:37pm
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Experienced House cleaner
Posted by Leonor Padua
June 13th at 11:58am
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Posted by Brian Hamilton
June 13th at 11:26am
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Full time nanny
Posted by P.Cristina
June 13th at 10:06am
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F/T P/T Nanny / Babysitting
Posted by kamika
June 13th at 10:05am
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Posted by Dorothy
June 13th at 09:43am
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
June 13th at 07:23am
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HOUSE CLEANING 973 776 2481
Posted by IRMA
June 13th at 04:32am
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House cleaning
Posted by Alline Barboza
June 12th at 08:23pm
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My INCREDIBLE nanny is available this summer
Posted by Rebecca Lock
June 12th at 07:07pm
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Posted by Rona
June 12th at 05:13pm
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Cleaning Sevices
Posted by Helena Rivera
June 12th at 04:42pm
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Experienced Full-Time Dog Walker/Sitter and Credited Dog Trainer
Posted by Daniel Weinberger
June 12th at 03:33pm
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Certified Home Health Aid/Companion
Posted by Annette Williams
June 11th at 08:30pm
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Posted by Nichole
June 11th at 07:45pm
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Experienced nanny looking for date night or weekend work
Posted by Pam Young
June 10th at 10:48pm
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Lifestyle Manager Available to You - When 24/7 Isn't Enough
Posted by Robin Levan
June 10th at 04:27pm
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Please hire Nikki, our fantastic Nanny
Posted by Pieter Van Schaick
June 10th at 03:06pm
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Our beloved nanny available during the morning/afternoon
Posted by Lily
June 10th at 01:47pm
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Available Nanny
Posted by Nevlin
June 10th at 09:00am
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Professional And Reliable Cleaning Services
Posted by Robert A.
June 10th at 08:58am
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
June 10th at 07:00am
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Great nanny available!
Posted by Nadja
June 9th at 10:35pm
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Multi-Sensory Reading Instructor
Posted by Kia Buttone
June 9th at 04:57pm
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Posted by Josso Thomas
June 9th at 03:49pm
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Driver/ligh house cleaner Nanny
Posted by Ariane Conti
June 9th at 03:31pm
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Posted by ANNA
June 9th at 01:42am
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Elderly Care/Companion
Posted by Joan
June 8th at 08:51pm
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Caregiver Available
Posted by Miriam Stelmak
June 8th at 07:42pm
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Loving and Caring Nanny available starting September
Posted by Allison Weinstein
June 8th at 04:42pm
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Great house cleaner.
Posted by Angela
June 8th at 03:50pm
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Fantastic Super L/O Nanny Available ASAP!!!!!
Posted by Rebeca Cooper
June 8th at 01:20pm
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Housekeeper/driver available mornings
Posted by Great Housekeeper
June 8th at 01:13pm
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Home Care and Assistance
Posted by Home Care and Assistance
June 8th at 11:44am
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Babysitter avail first 2 weeks of July M TH & FRI ONLY
Posted by Marcela
June 8th at 10:14am
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Posted by SHARON
June 8th at 10:04am
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