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Help Wanted
Babysitter (12)
Cleaning Services (2)
Elderly Care (5)
Nanny (30)
Office Work (6)
Other (16)

Employment Wanted
Babysitter (25)
Cleaning Services (23)
Elderly Care (17)
Nanny (56)
Office Work (2)
Other (28)
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Employment Wanted Ads

Personal Assistant, Housekeeper
Posted by Joan Padron
April 1st at 07:53pm
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Elderly Care
Posted by Denise Vaughn
April 1st at 06:07pm
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Fantastic,mature with clean driving record.
Posted by veronica
April 1st at 01:58pm
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Professional and Reliable Cleaning Services
Posted by Bella
April 1st at 11:15am
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///////Perfect Cleaning//////:
Posted by Fernanda
April 1st at 11:06am
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1st Ginger cleaing , we are not a Cleaning company ,
Posted by Leslie de souza
March 31st at 10:15pm
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Our Wonderful Nanny will Soon be Available!!
Posted by Elif
March 31st at 09:22pm
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Wonderful Brazilian nanny looking for full time job
Posted by Gabriela
March 31st at 09:09pm
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nanny/baby nurse live-in or live out/weekdays or weekends
Posted by Sandra Brightly
March 31st at 05:20pm
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Posted by South Orange Mom
March 31st at 03:47pm
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Posted by VICTORIA
March 31st at 02:04pm
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summer vacation driving baby & pet sitter : )
Posted by Sonje
March 31st at 11:40am
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Dog Walker full time 35 yrs experience Dog-Cat Sitter 24/7 care puppy/dog Trainer
Posted by Stephen Berkelhammer
March 31st at 04:41am
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Experience Reliable Caregiver For Sick/Elderly
Posted by Anna Davis
March 30th at 07:20pm
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Container garden workers needed
Posted by Harriet Tarnow
March 30th at 06:44pm
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Experienced Full-Time Dog Walker/Sitter
Posted by Daniel Weinberger
March 30th at 06:24pm
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Part-Time Nanny Available
Posted by Nanny K
March 30th at 06:15pm
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Wonderful Nanny available part time
Posted by Sameer
March 30th at 05:02pm
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Posted by Patricia
March 30th at 03:24pm
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Part Time Nanny Seeking Long-Term Job
Posted by Maureen Hargrave-Kerns
March 30th at 01:36pm
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Baby Nursea
Posted by Erica Holder
March 29th at 09:44pm
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Posted by Lauren
March 29th at 04:39pm
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Adorable F/T live in Nanny/house keeper available
Posted by Charlene London
March 29th at 02:37pm
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Posted by Ingrid Horsford
March 28th at 05:00pm
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natural lawn care , yard care
Posted by robert evelyn
March 28th at 02:40pm
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March 27th at 10:02pm
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Posted by Gallart
March 27th at 02:09pm
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Posted by Nichole
March 27th at 10:35am
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Babysitter and Pet sitter avaliable for 04/05-04/11 - Spring Break
Posted by Ellen
March 27th at 09:39am
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Experience Full Time Nanny
Posted by Kathleen Waldron
March 26th at 02:56pm
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Posted by DINA
March 26th at 12:19pm
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Nanny/ Babysitter
Posted by Lisa Krueger
March 26th at 11:06am
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New SAT prep courses: 4 Hour Test Taking Tactics Class, Math Only, and Verbal and Grammar Only.
Posted by Bright Choice NJ Academic Services
March 26th at 08:37am
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Active Full Time Babysiiter / Elderly Care / Nanny Available in Maplewood
Posted by Olga Patterson
March 26th at 01:30am
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weekend sitter wanted
March 25th at 11:39pm
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Posted by Eric Waeschle
March 25th at 07:41pm
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Experienced Caregiver/Cook/Driver
Posted by Ellen
March 25th at 04:50pm
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Qualified,driving nanny looking for f/t nanny position
Posted by Christina
March 25th at 04:40pm
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nanny seeking jobs
Posted by Jenelle
March 25th at 04:15pm
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Posted by Keshnee Pillay
March 25th at 04:03pm
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Posted by Carolina
March 25th at 02:58pm
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PT after school/date night babysitter available
Posted by Dallas West
March 25th at 01:57pm
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Posted by Elise Knaus
March 25th at 01:21pm
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Seeking a living or live-out Elderly Care.
Posted by Vinnette
March 25th at 11:08am
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//////Perfect Cleaning//////
Posted by Fernanda
March 25th at 07:57am
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Landscape & Construction Services
Posted by Juniper Landscape Services, LLC
March 24th at 10:17pm
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Weekend babysitter /nanny Available
Posted by AM
March 24th at 10:01pm
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Posted by Simone Marta
March 24th at 07:55pm
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Babysitter/Nanny/Housecleaning seeking Full-Time Employment
Posted by Rosanna Massicot
March 24th at 07:10pm
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Posted by VICTORIA
March 24th at 04:02pm
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Elderly care/ companion
Posted by Jacqueline. Newton
March 24th at 02:45pm
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Ms Bridgette Babies!
Posted by Bridgette Williams
March 24th at 01:54pm
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looking for elderly care job
Posted by edith reid
March 24th at 12:21pm
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Weekend Nanny/Housekeeper
Posted by RS
March 24th at 11:25am
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Companion/Home Health Aide
Posted by Susan
March 24th at 11:02am
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Nanny/Elderly Care Position Live Out
Posted by Linda Smallwood
March 24th at 08:34am
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Masonry general Construction , tile ,paint, decks, and much more
Posted by Joe Pimenta
March 23rd at 06:55pm
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Exceptional House Cleaner
Posted by Bia
March 23rd at 06:31pm
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Reliable young woman student Available!!! Call (973) 814 06 01
Posted by Camila
March 23rd at 05:35pm
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Experienced Babysitter/Nanny
Posted by Veronica
March 23rd at 04:47pm
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Posted by Frank Fighera
March 23rd at 01:41pm
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Posted by BARBARA
March 23rd at 01:01pm
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Driving & Reliable Nanny
Posted by JJ
March 23rd at 10:53am
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Babynurse/night nurse
Posted by Nhadya
March 23rd at 09:57am
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//////PERFECT CLEANING////////
Posted by Nanda
March 23rd at 08:08am
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SUPER NANNY & HSKPR. AVAIL. # : 973-472-5794
Posted by Martha
March 22nd at 10:30pm
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Nanny/House Manager
Posted by Gloria
March 22nd at 08:55pm
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Full time Nanny
Posted by Full time Nanny
March 22nd at 03:32pm
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employment wanted
Posted by Michelle Jackman
March 22nd at 03:28pm
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Experienced babysitter seeking work
Posted by Rhea Seetram
March 22nd at 11:29am
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Weekend Super Nanny Available☺
Posted by Stephanie
March 22nd at 11:05am
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Our Wonderful Nanny is Available - 3 days a week
Posted by Maggie
March 22nd at 08:31am
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Posted by Gloria David
March 21st at 06:03pm
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HOUSE CLEANING 973 776 2481
March 21st at 01:12pm
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Lawn maintenance
Posted by
March 21st at 12:17pm
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Retired Electrical Engineer looking to work under small/ independent construction companies
Posted by Jose R. Dieguez
March 21st at 12:05pm
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Posted by Amber Williams
March 20th at 08:54pm
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Great Nanny/Househelp available to work anytime
Posted by Latacha
March 20th at 07:49pm
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Posted by Sabrina mcgaskiee
March 20th at 07:34pm
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Posted by miller fernandes
March 20th at 07:19pm
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Experienced CNA/Home Health Aide Seeks New Position
Posted by Christine Russell
March 20th at 06:40pm
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Employment wanted
March 20th at 05:49pm
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night nurse wanted (5 week old baby)
Posted by emilie
March 20th at 12:37pm
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Posted by Tomas P.
March 20th at 12:19pm
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Nanny Referral, Nanny and Aupair training and New baby nesting
Posted by Michelle Love
March 19th at 09:06pm
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Posted by Carlie
March 19th at 08:31pm
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Dog Walker $10 per 20 Min Walk
Posted by Dominic Kirby
March 19th at 08:11pm
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ROSA' Deep Cleaning and Londry !!
Posted by Rose M Escobar
March 19th at 06:45pm
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landscaping services
Posted by hugo palacio
March 19th at 04:34pm
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Mature Loving Nanny seeking F/T M-F Position
Posted by Nancy
March 19th at 04:22pm
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Seeking after school babysitter/nanny in So Orange
Posted by Shauna
March 19th at 12:11pm
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EVERY NOOK & CRANNY SPRING CLEANING & Deep Carpet Cleaning! Let's do this!
Posted by J&M
March 19th at 11:41am
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AP Test Prep Teachers Wanted
Posted by Mindset Tutoring
March 19th at 10:11am
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Responsible, highly qualified nanny seeking immediate employment
Posted by Chrissy
March 19th at 08:31am
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Caring Certified HHA Available
Posted by Victoria
March 18th at 06:34pm
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Full time/live-out Babysitter/housekeeper
Posted by Sandra Connors
March 18th at 06:04pm
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Compassionate Care For Your Loved Ones
Posted by Marcia
March 18th at 04:58pm
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Luz cleaning service LLC.
Posted by Katia
March 18th at 03:44pm
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House Manager/Personal Assistant Seeking Live in Position
Posted by Dana
March 18th at 02:30pm
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Licensed Practical Nurse Available for Home Care
Posted by Cammy Clarke
March 18th at 11:25am
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Full time nanny availble
Posted by Wendy prosper
March 18th at 10:49am
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Do You Need A Top Notch Caregiver for the Elderly? Live- In
Posted by Audrey
March 18th at 09:37am
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Posted by Eric Waeschle
March 18th at 09:24am
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////PERFECT CLEANING///862-754-9211
Posted by Fernanda
March 18th at 09:09am
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Full time companion/caregiver
Posted by P.Oliveira
March 17th at 09:40pm
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Posted by NP
March 17th at 08:42pm
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Full time live out/in nanny
Posted by P.Oliveira
March 17th at 07:59pm
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Posted by Natasha
March 17th at 07:09pm
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Administrative Assistant for North Jersey Area
Posted by donna
March 17th at 07:06pm
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Posted by MICAELA
March 17th at 03:22pm
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House cleaning
Posted by virginia
March 17th at 03:21pm
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pt babysitter
Posted by kiea
March 17th at 01:38pm
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Handyman Services-No job is too Small
Posted by Noel Lopes
March 17th at 01:04pm
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Full time (40-45hours per week) experienced bilingual nanny available
Posted by Natalia
March 17th at 11:52am
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Posted by TEONA
March 17th at 11:47am
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Just graduated grad student looking for nanny position!
Posted by Allie
March 17th at 10:05am
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Experienced and caring nanny seeking employment
Posted by Rissa
March 16th at 07:06pm
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Part Time Summer Babysitter/Nanny (June1st to August 22nd)
Posted by Stephanie Dolberg
March 16th at 05:04pm
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Part Time Summer Babysitter/Nanny (June1st to August 28th)
Posted by Stephanie Dolberg
March 16th at 05:02pm
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Professional Nanny with Good References
Posted by Keisha Crawford
March 16th at 04:25pm
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Posted by Charmaine
March 16th at 03:51pm
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Posted by Delonie Barthelemy
March 16th at 03:44pm
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NANNY FOR NEWBORNS Available May/June2015
Posted by Judy
March 16th at 02:53pm
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Loving, Caring, Dependable Nannny
Posted by Karen Lopata
March 16th at 02:12pm
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Experienced nanny looking for full-time work
Posted by Isabel Cristina Henao
March 16th at 01:38pm
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Experienced housekeeper looking for full-time work
Posted by Isabel Cristina Henao
March 16th at 01:28pm
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Elderly Care
Posted by caregiver
March 16th at 11:14am
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Babysitter full time available
Posted by Thamiris Horta
March 16th at 11:11am
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weekend nanny available
Posted by Joanne
March 16th at 09:44am
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Posted by Rona
March 16th at 09:22am
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Awesome Baby Nurse
Posted by Jaimie
March 16th at 08:44am
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////PERFECT CLEANING////862-754-9211
Posted by fernanda
March 16th at 07:58am
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Local college student with car for summer babysitting!
Posted by Maddy Reichman
March 15th at 11:12pm
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Caregiver with unusual education and experience
Posted by Bozena Buczel
March 15th at 09:32pm
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Posted by veronica
March 15th at 08:54pm
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Posted by Deborah
March 15th at 08:24pm
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Loving Nanny With Nursing Background Seeks 3 To 4 Days
Posted by Marcia
March 15th at 08:13pm
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Is Your Child Struggling with Reading and/or Academics?
Posted by Michele Guerriero
March 15th at 04:24pm
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Looking for a Brazilian help??
Posted by Miriam
March 15th at 04:20pm
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Seeking a Position for Monday and Wednesday
Posted by claudia Regina Ramos
March 15th at 08:10am
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Fun and reliable Friday & Saturday sitter available!!
Posted by Petagaye
March 15th at 02:56am
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Experienced Driving Nanny/Babysitter Available
Posted by Emma
March 14th at 11:05pm
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weekend babysitter/nanny
Posted by joycelyn christian
March 14th at 05:57pm
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College Student Sitters Available
Posted by Seton Student Sitters
March 14th at 05:16pm
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Posted by Tiffany
March 14th at 01:20pm
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CLEAN HOMES cleaning service - Prices start at $45.00
Posted by Paula
March 14th at 11:02am
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Posted by Victoria Daniel
March 13th at 08:55pm
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Posted by ANNA
March 13th at 02:10pm
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Exceptional Full Time Certified Nanny/ Night Nurse
Posted by Nicole
March 13th at 12:39pm
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Wonderful Nanny Available
Posted by Ariele Cohen
March 13th at 10:21am
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Posted by Mellissa Gibbons
March 13th at 09:32am
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