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Help Wanted
Babysitter (18)
Cleaning Services (5)
Elderly Care (4)
Nanny (27)
Office Work (5)
Other (18)

Employment Wanted
Babysitter (18)
Cleaning Services (39)
Elderly Care (16)
Nanny (52)
Office Work (2)
Other (26)
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Employment Wanted Ads

Posted by ANNA
February 13th at 12:55am
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Date night/Weekend nanny
Posted by Janneth
February 12th at 11:46pm
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Experienced Full-Time Dog Walker/Sitter
Posted by Daniel Weinberger
February 12th at 07:04pm
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cleaning houses,housekeeping
Posted by magda
February 12th at 04:14pm
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Elder Care
Posted by merlene
February 12th at 04:00pm
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House Cleaning
Posted by Gloria Paucar
February 12th at 09:30am
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ANNIA THE BEST HOUSE CLEANING, part time babysitter night and weekends. 908-499-8275
Posted by Annia Pino
February 12th at 12:25am
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Reliable Loving Cat Sitter
Posted by Betsy
February 11th at 08:03pm
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Posted by Marcela
February 11th at 05:37pm
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Two Portuguese Cleaning Women
Posted by Ana
February 11th at 05:19pm
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Tutor For Hire
Posted by Jason Siderman
February 11th at 01:16pm
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loving caring driving nanny
Posted by tishana
February 11th at 12:45pm
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Full/time Experience Nanny Available now
Posted by Maria Marquez
February 11th at 09:37am
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*** SUPER HOUSE CLEANING*** - no laziness - 973 985 0148
Posted by Flavia&Renato
February 11th at 07:15am
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Dependable Twins Home & Office Cleaning
Posted by Dependable Twins
February 11th at 06:55am
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Nanny Position
Posted by Ann
February 10th at 09:31pm
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Posted by Mary Smeraldo
February 10th at 03:52pm
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Reading and Academic Tutor
Posted by Diane Lewis
February 10th at 02:28pm
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Experienced College Babysitting: Weekdays & Weekends
Posted by Tatyana Blue
February 10th at 02:00pm
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Morning P/T Westfield, NJ
Posted by Elaine Fabian
February 10th at 01:12pm
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Posted by Annette Bryan
February 10th at 12:21pm
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MORNING NANNY/partime or full time
Posted by Anna
February 10th at 11:40am
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Full time live out/in companion/caregiver
Posted by Paula
February 10th at 11:21am
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Posted by Bernadette Parillon
February 10th at 10:19am
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Posted by Eric Waeschle
February 9th at 10:12pm
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Feona’s Elderly Care Service
Posted by Feona Chin
February 9th at 06:27pm
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Posted by Feona Chin
February 9th at 06:19pm
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Posted by Tomas P.
February 9th at 05:10pm
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Professional cleaning -laundry/iron Services
Posted by Martha
February 9th at 04:10pm
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Experienced Nanny Available for Mornings
Posted by Alessandra (Alex)
February 9th at 02:06pm
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Local College Sitters Available for Spring
Posted by Seton Student Sitters
February 9th at 01:06pm
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College Sitters Available for Spring
Posted by Seton Student Sitters
February 9th at 01:05pm
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Loving, Caring and Reliable Babysitter available
Posted by Maria R.
February 9th at 08:26am
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Massage Therapy
Posted by Timea Juhasz
February 9th at 07:22am
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Posted by Karen
February 9th at 12:54am
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Our loving, very reliable former nanny, Joevel, is available for full time work.
Posted by Jennifer Castri
February 8th at 06:57pm
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Loving, Fun Nanny seeks Live-in position
Posted by Hailey Greenland
February 8th at 03:02pm
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BABYSITTER/NANNY- Excellent cook, available Daytime, weekends, nights
Posted by Danette Mahabeer
February 8th at 02:04pm
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Loving, Caring and Reliable Nanny available
Posted by Maria R.
February 8th at 11:05am
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Posted by Mariana
February 8th at 10:46am
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Posted by Brian Hamilton
February 8th at 10:41am
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Posted by JENNY
February 8th at 09:42am
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After school nanny
Posted by Claire Early
February 8th at 08:41am
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SUPER NANNY & HSKPR. AVAIL. # : 973-472-5794
Posted by Martha
February 8th at 01:04am
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Posted by anabela carrico
February 7th at 11:22pm
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chha/cna/cpr position.
Posted by faith king
February 7th at 07:56pm
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Posted by Alinda Archibold
February 7th at 06:13pm
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***MC Cleaning Services***
Posted by Monica Camino
February 7th at 04:24pm
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HOUSE CLEANING 973 776 2481
Posted by IRMA
February 7th at 03:27pm
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Posted by Eric Waeschle
February 7th at 02:26pm
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Experienced Housekeeper
Posted by Marinalva Da Silva
February 7th at 11:27am
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Posted by DINA
February 7th at 10:08am
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Do You Desire Delicious Home Cooked Meals?
Posted by Darline Chudoba
February 7th at 06:10am
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February 6th at 12:30pm
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home care /child care
Posted by Julia Chimbay
February 5th at 11:30pm
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Posted by Rona
February 5th at 09:18pm
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(NO Fees)Hire Here Nanny/Hskpr/BabyNurse/Elderly (929)293-3305
Posted by Odessa
February 5th at 04:05pm
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Experienced Banking Professional
Posted by M Rao
February 5th at 12:20pm
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Seeking IT Internship
Posted by Aaron
February 5th at 11:26am
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Certified Nursing Assistant
Posted by Eunide St. Juste
February 4th at 09:42pm
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house cleaning
Posted by Aliz Arostegui
February 4th at 07:43pm
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Nanny seeking Full time position
Posted by Abigale Nesbit
February 4th at 05:03pm
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Very energetic and detailed house cleaning lady
Posted by Ewa
February 4th at 03:32pm
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College Nanny seeking employment
Posted by Razonah Ward
February 4th at 03:22pm
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Nurse Aid
Posted by Gloria
February 4th at 02:26pm
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Caregiver for Elderly
Posted by Iryna Medina
February 4th at 11:54am
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Our Reliable FULL-TIME DRIVING NANNY 10yrs Experience is Available
Posted by Robertson & Lewis
February 4th at 11:37am
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Looking for a job
Posted by Estela Cabrera
February 4th at 10:22am
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Posted by Nathalia
February 4th at 12:53am
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House cleaner
Posted by Nathalia
February 4th at 12:50am
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Seeking Nanny Position/Full Time
Posted by Marni Mire
February 3rd at 09:39pm
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Classic painting and materials interior/Exterior Rooms start $135.00
Posted by Donald Carpenter
February 3rd at 08:26pm
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Posted by Daniela
February 3rd at 04:19pm
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Experienced Portuguese Housecleaner
Posted by Rosa
February 3rd at 02:23pm
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Cleaning services
Posted by Cassie & joe\'s LLC
February 3rd at 02:04pm
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Full time live out nanny position
Posted by P.Cristina
February 3rd at 01:56pm
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Baby Nurse
Posted by Sandra Brightly
February 3rd at 01:42pm
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LPN looking to care for elderly person or couple.
Posted by Joan Phipps
February 3rd at 10:06am
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Mentor/Big Brother
Posted by Ope Talabi/Carl Thomas
February 3rd at 08:44am
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HOUSE CLEANING 973 776 2481
Posted by IRMA
February 2nd at 08:06pm
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SUPER NANNY & HSKPR. AVAIL. TEL. # :973-472-5794
Posted by Judy
February 2nd at 06:40pm
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Summer Babysitter
Posted by Bailee Gunter
February 2nd at 06:22pm
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Posted by Kristie
February 2nd at 02:54pm
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Experience Driving nanny is available.
Posted by Roxana Diaz
February 2nd at 02:48pm
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Babysitter needed
Posted by Mary P.
February 2nd at 01:06pm
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Estate Planning Attorney
Posted by Susan C. Brennan
February 2nd at 12:43pm
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Night Nurse/ Nanny/ Sitter
Posted by Mary
February 2nd at 11:07am
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Full/PT nanny available (Maplewood, surr areas)
Posted by R. Thompson
February 2nd at 11:03am
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Top Notch Nanny/Driver Seeks Saturday & Sunday Live-in/out
Posted by Angie
February 1st at 08:29pm
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K-5 Tutor!
Posted by Jaime Schultz
February 1st at 08:27pm
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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Lady. Great recomendati, affordable prices, long time experience
Posted by Aneta
February 1st at 07:32pm
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Posted by Victoria
February 1st at 07:16pm
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Licensed Practical Nurse/ Babysitter
Posted by Diane
February 1st at 06:58pm
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Reliable, honest, child friendly nanny/babysitter available ASAP
Posted by Carlene Alexander
February 1st at 01:19pm
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Experienced all around sitter/nanny/housekeeper
Posted by Nanny
February 1st at 11:09am
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Seeking part-time job as dog walker
Posted by Maryna P.
February 1st at 08:46am
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Posted by Andrea Murray
January 31st at 05:14pm
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Nanny Referral, Nanny and Aupair training and New baby nesting
Posted by Michelle Love
January 31st at 05:12pm
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K.C. Cleaning Services LLC
Posted by Karina
January 31st at 02:27pm
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Posted by South Orange Mom
January 31st at 01:48pm
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Posted by Kay Williams
January 31st at 12:01pm
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Nurturing Nanny
Posted by Kathleen Waldron
January 31st at 11:23am
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Posted by Milena Pires
January 30th at 11:03pm
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Posted by Alzira
January 30th at 10:53pm
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Posted by C
January 30th at 07:31pm
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Posted by Long Term Nanny
January 30th at 08:48am
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Bi-lingual, university educated au pair available now
Posted by Mrs
January 30th at 08:46am
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Home Care & Assistance
Posted by Companion / Elderly care
January 30th at 08:32am
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Professional and Reliable Cleaning Services 973 393 8050
Posted by Bella or Robert
January 30th at 08:01am
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Portguese Cleaning Lady 30+yrs expierience!
Posted by Isabel A.
January 30th at 06:55am
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loving and reliable babysitter available
Posted by talie rambarran
January 29th at 11:28pm
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Live-In/Out Mature Nanny Available
Posted by Phyllis Mercury
January 29th at 02:43pm
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Personal Assistant Available ~Not enough hours in a day?
Posted by Robin Levan
January 29th at 02:26pm
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Posted by Stacey Ann F
January 29th at 02:24pm
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Reliable, loving, fun nanny available
Posted by Miranda
January 29th at 11:25am
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Posted by Miller santos
January 29th at 12:35am
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Home Remodeling
Posted by Greenline Remodeling, LLC
January 28th at 06:21pm
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Experienced Companion Available
Posted by Maia Shar
January 28th at 02:38pm
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Posted by Hilda
January 28th at 10:28am
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Experienced International Teacher Offering Tutoring and Homework Help
Posted by Mojda Najafi
January 28th at 10:03am
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Our excellent driving nanny is available for work
Posted by Kadine Maye
January 28th at 09:11am
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Live Out- Full Time Nanny
Posted by AnnMarie Trupia
January 27th at 07:46pm
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Our Nanny Is Looking For Full-Time Employment
Posted by Matt
January 27th at 03:10pm
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////PERFECT CLEANING////862-754-9211
Posted by fernanda
January 27th at 12:52pm
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Posted by Lendos
January 27th at 11:44am
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Posted by Carolina Araujo
January 27th at 09:12am
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Cleaning services
Posted by Jocelia da silva
January 26th at 07:30pm
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Professional And Reliable Cleaning Services
Posted by Robert A.
January 26th at 06:00pm
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Experience nanny
Posted by Karlene Thomas
January 26th at 04:41pm
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Loving Nanny
Posted by Germania Haro
January 26th at 02:05pm
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interior painter available
Posted by janis blumgart
January 26th at 10:30am
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HHA/CNA seeks full time overnight position
Posted by Chelley
January 25th at 10:11pm
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Cleaning service
Posted by Pricia
January 25th at 07:57pm
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House cleaning
Posted by virginia
January 25th at 04:30pm
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Baby Whisperer Available
Posted by Claudia
January 25th at 04:26pm
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Former Pre-school Teacher
Posted by Lisa
January 25th at 03:56pm
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Posted by Rosi
January 25th at 03:50pm
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Full Time Nanny/Babysitter Available to Start ASAP
Posted by Orelda Williams
January 25th at 01:58pm
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Posted by Marjorie edwards
January 25th at 01:38pm
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Nanny/ Baby nurse
Posted by Erica Holder
January 25th at 01:37pm
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Posted by Ericka
January 25th at 12:39pm
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College Students Available
Posted by Sitterly
January 25th at 12:04pm
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P/T Babysitter/Mother's Helper Available M,W,F & Weekends
Posted by Vanessa
January 25th at 12:00pm
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January 25th at 11:06am
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Live-in elderly care giver
Posted by Jane chulu
January 25th at 08:49am
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Italian tutor from Rome offers lessons for school/work/travel
Posted by Francesca Codella
January 25th at 06:23am
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Reliable And Professional Cleaning Services
Posted by Bela
January 25th at 05:39am
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Compassionate/loving nanny/babysitter
Posted by casey
January 24th at 10:11pm
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Cleaning Services
Posted by Claudia
January 24th at 09:03pm
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Full Time Nanny Available
Posted by Meg N.
January 24th at 08:53pm
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German Mary Poppins available :)
Posted by kathrin
January 24th at 03:13pm
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Loving, experienced Nanny looking to become part of your family.
Posted by Kimberly Hernandez
January 24th at 09:27am
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Professional nanny available
Posted by Althea
January 24th at 08:56am
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