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Help Wanted
Babysitter (60)
Cleaning Services (10)
Elderly Care (6)
Nanny (50)
Office Work (8)
Other (28)

Employment Wanted
Babysitter (30)
Cleaning Services (44)
Elderly Care (18)
Nanny (80)
Office Work (3)
Other (29)
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Employment Wanted Ads

Great housecleaner available!!!
Posted by Thalita Camilo
August 29th at 02:06am
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Experience nanny
Posted by Karlene Thomas
August 28th at 08:36pm
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Morning/afternoon babysitter
Posted by Kim C
August 28th at 04:39pm
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Eco cleaning lady. Excellent recomendations, affordable prices, long time experience
Posted by Aneta
August 28th at 02:12pm
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Need help driving the kids around or rides in general
Posted by Felix Quist
August 28th at 01:41pm
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Preschool Playgroup for ages 2-6
Posted by Natalie
August 28th at 01:38pm
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Nanny/Housekeeper Position
Posted by Rosania Couto
August 28th at 10:16am
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Excellent Nanny/Housekeeper!
Posted by Nanny searching
August 28th at 07:51am
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August 28th at 07:05am
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Lawn maintenance and landscaping services
Posted by hugo palacio
August 27th at 10:11pm
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Looking for full-time mother's helper for 1 child in Short Hills
Posted by Jessica
August 27th at 05:29pm
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experienced college nanny seeking work
Posted by Kim Cecere
August 27th at 02:08pm
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Nanny Position
Posted by Charmaine
August 27th at 01:43pm
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full time/ part time babysitter /pet sitter /date night nanny
Posted by monica sellan
August 27th at 12:58pm
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Posted by Agnes
August 27th at 12:39pm
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College Student Offers Affordable Errand Services & More
Posted by Kenya N
August 27th at 11:20am
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Do it all Nanny Seeks Fulltime position!
Posted by Do it all Nanny
August 27th at 08:22am
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Looking to build a long-term relationship (infants/toddlers)
Posted by ELISE
August 27th at 08:19am
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12 years with one family baby sitter look for part time job
Posted by JOANNE
August 27th at 12:39am
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Posted by Mariusz
August 26th at 10:14pm
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Posted by Nancy Marshall
August 26th at 05:50pm
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Wendy & Judith's cleaning service
Posted by Wendy Moreira
August 26th at 04:36pm
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*Lynn's Cleaning Service LLC*
Posted by Marrilyn
August 26th at 02:03pm
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Nanny seeking live in Position M-F
Posted by Dana
August 26th at 02:01pm
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Wonderful Baby Nurse
Posted by Moya
August 26th at 11:29am
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Need a writer? I'm here to help!
Posted by ShaVaughn Morris
August 26th at 10:32am
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Posted by Fernanda
August 26th at 08:15am
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Responsible Nanny/babysitter
Posted by Tresha Brown
August 26th at 07:03am
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Legal Secretary Seeking Work at Home
Posted by Barbara Katz
August 25th at 08:33pm
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DOG WALKER Available
Posted by Al
August 25th at 07:53pm
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Suzy's House Cleaning!
Posted by Suzimara Santos
August 25th at 07:00pm
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sitter and housekeeper
Posted by ericka
August 25th at 03:36pm
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Before School - Early Morning Driving Sitter
Posted by eliana
August 25th at 03:33pm
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Freelance 3D Animator Available!
Posted by Nicholas Lewis
August 25th at 01:53pm
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Nannies/Housekeepers available for live-in or out
Posted by Angels Domestic
August 25th at 12:55pm
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F/T Babysitter Available
Posted by Matt Smollon
August 25th at 11:16am
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Hire my Great Housekeeper
Posted by Janet Froelich
August 25th at 10:39am
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***MC Cleaning Services***
Posted by Monica Camino
August 25th at 09:23am
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August 24th at 09:09pm
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Summer/Fall/Spring College Student Sitters Available
Posted by Seton Student Sitters
August 24th at 08:09pm
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Nanny Position
Posted by Ileen
August 24th at 06:52pm
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full time housekeeper
Posted by Camber Ransom
August 24th at 05:05pm
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Childcare Help available
Posted by Early Learners
August 24th at 04:57pm
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Loving Nanny Looking for Work
Posted by Isabel Cristina Henao
August 24th at 03:45pm
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Energetic, Loving, Full Time Nanny AVAILABE !!
Posted by Brianna
August 24th at 03:38pm
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FT - PT Nanny Available
Posted by Mariane Assis
August 24th at 03:22pm
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Full Time Nanny available
Posted by Elaine
August 24th at 03:14pm
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Posted by Hope Hunter
August 24th at 01:38pm
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Baby Nursea
Posted by Erica Holder
August 24th at 12:26pm
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Posted by Jessica Underhill
August 24th at 12:05pm
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Personal Adolescence Coach / Adult Life Coach
Posted by Coaching for You
August 24th at 11:44am
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Nanny Referral, Nanny and Aupair training and New baby nesting
Posted by Michelle Love
August 24th at 11:12am
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Elderly Care
Posted by caregiver
August 24th at 11:08am
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skilled CNA/Companion,Caregiver
Posted by Marsha Stevens
August 24th at 10:09am
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PT/FT Baby sitting/ house cleaning
Posted by Abigail
August 24th at 09:27am
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Local College Student Sitters Available for Fall
Posted by Seton Student Sitters
August 24th at 08:33am
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////Perfect Cleaning///862 754 9211
Posted by Fernanda
August 24th at 08:00am
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
August 24th at 07:23am
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Morning and afternoon help available
Posted by Beverly
August 24th at 02:24am
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Posted by Daniela
August 23rd at 10:09pm
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Experienced House Cleaning.
Posted by Marlene Oliveira
August 23rd at 09:53pm
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Baby Nurse
Posted by Bennita Clarke
August 23rd at 07:54pm
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Experienced Tutor & College Essay Consultant
Posted by Anna Savittieri
August 23rd at 04:39pm
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Posted by Sonia\'s Cleaning Service
August 23rd at 04:25pm
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Wonderful, experienced nanny looking for a new position
Posted by Alison S
August 23rd at 07:13am
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Professional and Reliable Cleaning Services
Posted by Bella
August 22nd at 08:00pm
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Reliable cleaning Lady Available!!! Call (973) 814 06 01
Posted by Camila
August 22nd at 05:55pm
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Posted by Vernal Worrel
August 22nd at 12:05pm
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Prep your HS senior for the Oct 3rd SATs with our 4 hour class!
Posted by Bright Choice NJ Academic Services
August 22nd at 11:38am
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nanny / elderly care
Posted by Tessa leslie
August 21st at 11:09pm
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Wonderful, Reliable, Conscientious Full-time Nanny Available
Posted by Marc Merriweather
August 21st at 01:52pm
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Posted by Elisha Dickerson
August 21st at 01:33pm
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Personal Assistant/Home Health Aide
Posted by Susan
August 21st at 12:38pm
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Recommending our Wonderful Babysitter for PT Mornings
Posted by Robert Cole
August 21st at 11:13am
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Experienced nanny available on the weekends.
Posted by Debra Akyazici
August 21st at 10:46am
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Posted by Carol
August 21st at 10:21am
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Nanny/ProChef/Cleaning Specialist Full Time Live In-Out
Posted by Nemo
August 21st at 10:20am
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Posted by Claudia Quinalia
August 21st at 09:16am
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Kneading U massage therapy
Posted by Ketechia
August 20th at 11:41pm
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Lovable experienced Evening Sitter / Weekend Sitter Available 9/1 Early weekend special 8/21-8/24 a
Posted by Sharrelle
August 20th at 07:50pm
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Carpenters & Painters NEEDED
Posted by Manuel Guallpa
August 20th at 03:20pm
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Posted by Helen
August 20th at 01:29pm
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Nanny Available
Posted by Valencia
August 20th at 11:44am
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Companion for children or adults
Posted by Victoria Oddo
August 20th at 08:13am
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Posted by Nattily Toussaint
August 20th at 06:57am
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child care
Posted by wilma Davis
August 19th at 10:35pm
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Do you need elder care?
Posted by Michelle evans
August 19th at 04:55pm
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Posted by Jeanette Mcintosh
August 19th at 03:24pm
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driving nurse aide / nanny looking for part-time job
Posted by Tammy
August 19th at 11:07am
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Posted by Natasha
August 19th at 10:51am
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Experienced Nanny/Mom of 2 Boys Looking for Part-Time Work During School Hours
Posted by Betul Ayvedi
August 19th at 10:42am
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Experienced, reliable and loving nanny - non driver
Posted by Dianne
August 19th at 10:16am
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Dependable companion/caregiver for elderly
Posted by Dianne
August 19th at 09:42am
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Reliable Full-Time Nanny/Baby Nurse Available
Posted by Sarah Schweizer
August 19th at 08:53am
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Rides for Everyone
Posted by Felix Quist
August 19th at 05:53am
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maria's cleaning
Posted by maria
August 18th at 08:15pm
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Home Health Aid/Elderly care/Companion
Posted by Clavia Alfred
August 18th at 07:39pm
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Live in nanny who does housekeeping
Posted by Jacqueline Marrett
August 18th at 06:14pm
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*Your search is over! (: Reliable, Lovable, Fun FT Nanny Available :)*
Posted by EBBY
August 18th at 04:24pm
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Certified CNA available
Posted by Sharon kimbrough
August 18th at 02:23pm
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Former Pre-school Teacher
Posted by Lisa
August 18th at 01:17pm
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PT driving morning nanny
Posted by Caroline Bailey (Hopie)
August 18th at 11:47am
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*** Laundry & Closet Organizers ***
Posted by Marlene Alves
August 18th at 10:16am
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A Great Nanny For You
Posted by Pume
August 18th at 09:38am
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////Perfect Cleaning/////862-754-9211
Posted by Fernanda
August 18th at 08:01am
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AM hours Nanny Available
Posted by Mariana
August 18th at 02:21am
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Posted by C
August 17th at 08:36pm
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Posted by millie
August 17th at 07:59pm
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Nanny/Housekeeper (NON DRIVER)
Posted by Charmaine
August 17th at 07:40pm
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Posted by ODESSA
August 17th at 05:19pm
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WONDERFUL, EXPERIENCED NANNY seeking full-time position
Posted by Karyn Boosin Leit
August 17th at 01:14pm
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Fantastic, experienced, full-time driving nanny available
Posted by Margaret Hunt
August 17th at 12:19pm
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Reliable cleaning Lady Available!!! Call (973) 814 06 01
Posted by Camila
August 17th at 11:58am
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Elderly care
Posted by Donette Brown
August 17th at 11:51am
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Posted by Elenilza holloway
August 17th at 11:31am
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Great housekeeper available!
Posted by Amy
August 17th at 11:22am
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loving and reliable babysitter available
Posted by talie rambarran
August 17th at 09:57am
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
August 17th at 08:45am
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Posted by Mayara
August 17th at 01:06am
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Part-Time Babysitter available!
Posted by Larissa
August 17th at 12:50am
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experienced teacher available for tutoring
Posted by Hayley
August 16th at 11:38pm
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nanny available
Posted by Nanny
August 16th at 11:16pm
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Posted by ANNA
August 16th at 09:29pm
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Sitter / Tutor
Posted by Joan Lewis
August 16th at 07:25pm
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*** SUPER HOUSE CLEANING*** - no laziness - 973 985 0148
Posted by Flavia&Renato
August 16th at 02:28pm
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Experienced, Loving Nanny Available Maplewood/South Orange
Posted by Suzanne
August 16th at 02:13pm
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Posted by Andrew
August 16th at 01:57pm
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Driving nanny available Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Posted by Agnes
August 16th at 01:08pm
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2015-2016 School year nanny available for maplewood/S.O area
Posted by Syieda Ellison
August 16th at 01:03pm
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Experienced and Reliable Morning and Weekend Babysitter
Posted by Whitney Jackson
August 16th at 12:59pm
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Full time Live-in elderly care giver
Posted by Jane Chulu
August 16th at 10:39am
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My kind, driving nanny looking for morning elderly work
Posted by Maria
August 15th at 08:16pm
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Back to School Tutoring
Posted by Jacob Bard
August 15th at 05:47pm
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Educator seeks Babysitter Job / Nanny Position FT/PT
Posted by Renee Evans
August 15th at 11:34am
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HOUSE CLEANING 973 776 2481
Posted by IRMA
August 15th at 11:20am
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Driver/ Reliable School transportation and after school supervision.
Posted by Ope Talabi
August 15th at 08:57am
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Friday afternoon nanny
Posted by Phil
August 14th at 09:12pm
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Driving Nanny Available After School, Evenings, & Weekends
Posted by Nanny
August 14th at 07:19pm
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AM hours Nanny Available
Posted by Mariana
August 14th at 01:19pm
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Babysitter/Nanny Available - Experienced, Loving, Non-Driver
Posted by Beth Campbell
August 14th at 11:57am
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Experienced, fun, and lovable Nanny / Personal Assistant available
Posted by Cristina Matthiesen
August 14th at 10:09am
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Seeking loving, energetic FT driving nanny
Posted by Annie
August 13th at 07:55pm
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Reliable Online Business Manager- Call for custom quote!
Posted by Robin Levan
August 13th at 01:37pm
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Looking for a family for my wonderful Nanny
Posted by Allison
August 13th at 10:51am
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Exceptional nanny available immediately
Posted by Sheika
August 13th at 08:33am
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////PERFECT CLEANING////862-754-9211
Posted by fernanda
August 13th at 07:47am
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Looking For Part-Time Nanny Position
Posted by Super Nanny
August 12th at 11:33pm
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Experienced Nanny Looking to Work Full-Time, Live Out, for Professional Parents
Posted by Nicole Lewis
August 12th at 10:57pm
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Posted by kerley charles
August 12th at 07:46pm
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FT Driving Nanny Available
Posted by rizo
August 12th at 05:44pm
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MONDAY Afternoon Babysitter Needed
Posted by Nicole Goldberg
August 12th at 04:43pm
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Experienced Live-Out or Live-in Driving Nanny Available
Posted by Elizabeth
August 12th at 03:02pm
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Full Time Driving Nanny
Posted by Miss S
August 12th at 02:26pm
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FT/LO nanny looking for a great family.
Posted by Mayra
August 12th at 01:02pm
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Get A Wife Personal Assistant Services
Posted by Victoria Gallucci
August 12th at 11:43am
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Pet Care Services-Dog and Cat visits in Summit/Millburn/Short Hills Area
Posted by Millburn Dog and Cat Care
August 12th at 11:23am
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KIds Transportation
Posted by Tamera Dattoo
August 12th at 10:16am
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Nanny/Personal Assistant Available in September or late August
Posted by Ana
August 12th at 10:11am
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Nanny-full time
Posted by Nerseda
August 12th at 09:10am
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
August 12th at 07:42am
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Cleaning Lady
Posted by Kathy
August 11th at 11:43pm
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Fun-loving, caring nanny available
Posted by Lindy
August 11th at 11:40pm
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Posted by omar
August 11th at 10:34pm
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cleaning service
Posted by ana couto
August 11th at 09:22pm
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CHHA certified Caregiver seeking employment
Posted by Zenabu Ali
August 11th at 08:52pm
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Experienced Caregiver (Elderly Care)
Posted by Daisy Harris
August 11th at 08:08pm
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Experienced caregiver
Posted by Silvoni Sandrea
August 11th at 07:15pm
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Amazing nanny seeking work on Thursdays, Fridays and weekend evenings
Posted by Elyse
August 11th at 01:25pm
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Need a Personal Stylist?
Posted by Tiffany
August 11th at 01:11pm
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Our wonderful house cleaner has Tuesday afternoons free!
Posted by Country
August 11th at 12:21pm
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House cleaner
Posted by Lisseth
August 11th at 12:09pm
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Our amazing nanny seeks new role
Posted by Adam
August 11th at 12:01pm
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Dog walker/Dog sitter
Posted by Katherine Garcia
August 11th at 12:00pm
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Reliable F/T L/T Driving Nanny from Bloomfield NJ
Posted by Marsha
August 11th at 11:32am
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Posted by Carolina Home
August 11th at 10:33am
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We will Help you find the right nanny!
Posted by Aunt Emma Nanny Agency
August 11th at 10:04am
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Reliable Morning Sitter
Posted by Callan Flynn
August 11th at 10:03am
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Babysitter Needed
Posted by Morris
August 11th at 01:25am
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Experienced Housekeeper Available
Posted by Maribel M.
August 10th at 07:22pm
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Professional And Reliable Cleaning Services
Posted by Robert A.
August 10th at 04:54pm
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Posted by Grace
August 10th at 04:36pm
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Posted by Georgina Chin
August 10th at 04:07pm
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Posted by Jennifer
August 10th at 02:31pm
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Sitter available- M,W,F- MORNINGS ONLY!
Posted by Julie
August 10th at 01:26pm
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Experience Reliable Caregiver For Sick/Elderly
Posted by Lesia Davis
August 10th at 01:16pm
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cna/ and chha
Posted by Christine Russell
August 10th at 12:11pm
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Posted by Perpetua Honore
August 10th at 11:43am
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Nanny/Babysitter Available for September
Posted by Tasha
August 10th at 11:30am
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Qualified driving nanny looking for F/T Long Term Nanny job
Posted by Christina
August 10th at 11:05am
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Infant/Toddler Childcare Avail. (Verona)
Posted by Adriana
August 10th at 10:08am
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(Non-Driver)Part After School Sitter Or House-Cleaner
Posted by Patricia Hylton
August 10th at 09:56am
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Cleaning Services 646-255-2083
Posted by Ana
August 10th at 09:05am
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Posted by Linda
August 10th at 08:58am
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///////PERFECT CLEANING//////////
Posted by Fernanda
August 10th at 08:33am
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Wonderful Nanny available
Posted by Just Pegus
August 9th at 10:37pm
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Graduate Student Looking for Nanny Position
Posted by Jaclyn
August 9th at 08:00pm
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Small Private After School Program for Pre-K - 4th grade
Posted by Natalie
August 9th at 06:08pm
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Dog Walker-Pet Sitter Trainer full time 35 yrs experience Dog-Cat Sitter 24/7 care
Posted by Stephen Berkelhammer
August 9th at 02:23pm
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Vera's House cleaning
Posted by Vera & Angelo
August 9th at 10:40am
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Posted by Anna Sista
August 9th at 10:09am
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Posted by Anna Sista
August 9th at 09:57am
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Masonry general Construction , tile ,paint, decks, and much more
Posted by Joe Pimenta
August 9th at 08:43am
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Brazilian Cleaning Services
Posted by ana paula
August 9th at 08:40am
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Home Remodeling
Posted by Greenline Remodeling, LLC
August 9th at 07:26am
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