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Maplewood Online Event Listing

Humane Society Low Cost Spay/Neuter Wellness Van
Date: January 17th, 2013
Time: 8:00pm
Information: The Maplewood Health Dept. in cooperation with the Humane Society will conduct a low cost dog and cat spay/neuter and wellness program at the Maplewood Town Hall on Thursdy January 17 starting at 8:00am. Spaying/neutering will be done in the morning and wellness exams and vaccinations will be done from 2:00pm unitl 4:00pm. You must make an appointment for spay/neuter. Telephone the Humane Society for an appointment or other questions 973-824-7080 x118.
Address: 574 Valley St.
Town: Maplewood
Phone: 973-762-8120 x4400
Contact: Robert Roe, Health Officer

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