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Maplewood Online Event Listing

ARRR!- A Very British Pantomime
Date: January 6th, 2013
Time: 12:00pm
Information: Arrr! is a family show in the long-standing and riotous tradition of British "Panto".
Our hero, Jim Ladd, has to rescue Mary-Ann, the love of his life, from the clutches of Captain Beardy and his villainous pirates, and win her hand and the approval of her father the grumpy mayor.
There's ghosts, treasure, bananas, a dancing cow, and Sirocco the goddess of the winds.
It's more than a performance - the audience shout, sing, hoot and holler.
Adults love it just as much as the kids.

You WILL cheer! You WILL holler! You WILL shout "ARRR!"!
Address: Burgdorff Center for the Arrrts
Town: Maplewood
Phone: 973-761-0547
Contact: Deadgood

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