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Maplewood Online Event Listing

House of Essex Band Premiere Performance Party
Date: June 14th, 2012
Time: 8:30pm
Information: We are House of Essex, we are made of up local professional Maplewood musicians and we are making our premiere performance at Highland Place on Thursday at 8:30.

The band is made up of Tim Welch (Songwriter,Lead Vocals, Keyboards,) Gregory M. Jones (Bass,) Courtney Sappington (Guitar,) David Longworth (Drums,) Lora Tazewell (Harmony Vocals.)

2 full sets of all original songs--eclectic vintage rock with soul, latin, blues and ska influences.

Come check us out!
Address: 5 Highland Place
Town: Maplewood
Phone: 973-996-8523
Contact: Tim Welch

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